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Snow Day Maybe…..?

So I’m hanging out on my couch right now, watching the first decent potential snowfall of the year (yes, I know its march..) and wondering if I’ll be lucky enough to have a snow day tomorrow…my snow day pj’s are on, I have a stack of books from the library waiting to be read…now all I need is for a Code Red to be called (government speak for offices being closed…)

Everyone needs to take this as their queue to commence doing a snow dance – I know I’d be forever grateful!


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#Snowzilla or #SnowtoriousBIG

snowzillaIn case you have had your head buried in the sand (or maybe snow), its been hard to miss the predictions of the massive snow storm that is hitting the east coast this weekend (for me, it started about 2 hours ago). Over the past few years it seems to have become a tradition to name the storm with some witty moniker. In 2010 (when I moved to the DC area) it was #snowmageddon and in 2012/2013, it was #snowpocalyse. so the big question on many minds (or at least mine) for the last week has been, what are we going to call this storm? I mean, the official name is “Winter Storm Jonas”, although that makes me think of the Jonas brothers and i’m not a huge fan of them. The DC Capital Weather Gang had a nomination and poll on their website, the winner wasn’t a witty name, but the runner up was #snowzilla. So this picture seems appropriate…

elsa attacksAnother name that I saw pop up in my facebook feed was #snowtoriousBIG – now, i’m not really a rap fan, but i chucked at this one (named after the Notorious BIG who was murdered in 1997). Whatever name we go with, it will be interesting to see how this storm turns out – the last weather chart I saw (on my way home today), looked like Else had just tried to freeze the entirety of Virginia.

I don’t know about you guys, but i’m going to go and snuggle on the couch with the dogs (in between letting them out to play in the snow (my white shepherd has a serious snow addiction, to go with his frisbee addiction). Lots of reading ahead of me this weekend (hopefully).

How are you spending this cold weekend?

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Thursday Snow Day

snow manI don’t know about you guys, but I am officially sick of Winter! I mean, its March and I’m off work today because the Federal Gov’t has closed for a snow day…which is all good and well, except…WE HAVE NO SNOW ON THE GROUND! Supposedly it was supposed to start around 3am with a prediction of 4-8 inches…now its not supposed to start until 9:30ish…and ugh (because while a day off of work is great, it is still hours I have to make up down the road).

But in the truest sense of a snow day, I’m am curled up in bed reading. I hope everyone else has a great day!


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