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Happy St Patrick’s Day

irish cupcakes

For each petal on the shamrock
This brings a wish your way –
Good health, good luck, and happiness
For today and every day.
~Author Unknown

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

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Thursday Snow Day

snow manI don’t know about you guys, but I am officially sick of Winter! I mean, its March and I’m off work today because the Federal Gov’t has closed for a snow day…which is all good and well, except…WE HAVE NO SNOW ON THE GROUND! Supposedly it was supposed to start around 3am with a prediction of 4-8 inches…now its not supposed to start until 9:30ish…and ugh (because while a day off of work is great, it is still hours I have to make up down the road).

But in the truest sense of a snow day, I’m am curled up in bed reading. I hope everyone else has a great day!


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2013 – Welcome and Goals


As we wave good-bye to 2012 (so long sucker!!) and ring in the 2013, it is a time to think of the year past and the year to come…and to make those (sometimes dreaded) New Years Resolutions…

So what are my resolutions for 2013 – I’m going to divided them up into reading/blogging resolutions and non-reading resolutations.

Reading/Listening Resolutions:
– read at least 12 books of my 50 classics in 5 years challenge list (HERE)
– read at least 1 non-fiction/biography/memoir a month
– finish up at least 2 of the series that I currently have in progress (series TBD)
– finish up the Middle East part of my trip around the world reading (7 countries to go – Cyprus, Lebanon, Kuwait, Oman, Palestine, Qatar)
– Participate in at least 1 group read each month in one of my groups
– Try at least 20 new audiobook narrators during the course of the year
– Finish Les Miserables – I got part of the way through Book 3 before I got distracted
– Finish the Moby Dick Big Read – Chapter a Day

Blogging Resolutions
– Write reviews for my blog for at least 50% of the books I read in 2013
– Write reviews for all new narrators that I listen to
– Not request more ARC’s to review than I can handle (even if they are oh so pretty!)
– Comment on at least 5 other blogs each week
– Participate in at least one meme a week

Non Reading/Blogging Resolutions
– Finish my dissertation
– Survive (and finish) the Beach to Battleship Half-Ironman in October

What about everyone out there – what are your resolutions for 2013?

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In Memoriam – Bryce Courtenay (1933-2012)

There aren’t a lot of authors who I would write this kind of post for, but Bryce Courtenay is one of them. I remember when I picked up the first book I ever read by him, back in grade eight – Tandia – set in South Africa where he grew up. After that I went through a period of reading, where I read pretty much all of the books that he had released up until that point in time. One of the most poignant was April Fool’s Day – which was the story of his son, Damon who died from medically-acquired AIDS after suffering from Haemophilia his entire life. I remember having a box of tissues sitting next to me as I bawled my way through it.

Earlier this year, Bryce announced that his soon to be released book, Jack of Diamonds would be his last because he had been diagnosed with terminal cancer. The book was published 2 weeks ago (November 12, 2012). Today while I was checking my facebook, I saw that his publisher, Penguin Australia, had published the notice of his death. He was 79 years old.

While his books have never been widely known in the US, in fact, the only book, I can find of his with regularity is The Power of One. I can only hope that with the growing popularity of ebooks and audiobooks that many readers will experience his writing in the years to come. It is going to be weird, knowing that I won’t have that new yearly released by him to anticipate for Christmas (since my mom has been oh so awesome at giving me his books for gifts over the years. While i have yet to read all of his books, those that are left, as well as re-reads will give me something to look forward to in the future.

RIP Bryce. I look forward to reading Jack of Diamonds when my copy arrives and will remember all your books with fond memories 🙂


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Banned Books Week – Mid-Week Update

So, I had this huge list of posts that I wanted to do this week…but as the saying goes, c’est la vie…

I am currently reading 1984 in support of Banned Books Week, but also because it fits my classics challenge. However, I am trying to savor it, because I have a feeling that once I read it, I don’t know if I will ever read it again, and if I do, it won’t be the same as my first time…

So in addition to that, I also picked up Places I Never Meant to Be which is a series of short stories written by various authors that have been on the banned and challenges lists over the last few years – and edited by the brilliant Judy Blume (yes, I do believe that my gushing qualifies me for the JB fan club).

How are you doing on your plans for Banned Book Week?

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Books Featuring Sports

So I was going to get all caught up on my reviews before I headed out of town for a Virginia Tech football game (Go HOKIES) but like normal that didn’t happen….but while I’m sitting outside enjoying the gorgeous weather and scenery, I thought I would pose the following question to you guys:

What is your favorite sports based book? It can be fiction or non-fiction…enquiring minds want to know

For me, it is probably a toss up between Rachel Gibson ‘s Chinook Hockey series and Susan Elizabeth Phillips Chicago Stars series. Although I did enjoy the stand-alone book, Scored by Lily Harlem that I recently read


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Group Read/ Buddy Reads

Ok, so I’m a dork (but anyone who knows me already knows this), but I was thinking about maybe doing a series read/re-read of the Anne of Green Gables books (although I’ve already done the first one) and thought I might throw the idea out there of doing a group read.

It wouldn’t be anything serious – you can just read if you want, I’ll happily come up with some discussion questions if people want to discussion…we can spread it out over the course of a month or so (re-evaluate based on the book).

Would anyone out there be interested?


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