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Bout of Books – Day 5


Yesterday turned into one of those days – all i heard the whole day at work was will it snow, will it snow…coupled with friends in other parts of the US who had snow days and my introduction to the WTForecast app on my iPhone (trust, me, take a look – as long as profanity doesn’t bother you – which ultimately lead to probably my most unsuccessful day in Bout of Books 18 so far. I think I listened to a sum total of about an hour in audio and finished up the one book I was reading (but I only had like 20% left of a 200pg book…so like 40 pages). Here’s hoping that today (Friday) will be a better reading/listening to…I have to say after my little bit of reading in the car this am – its already looking up

Day 3 Tally:
Sarah’s Key – currently at 33% (from 22%)
The Coffee Girl – currently at 42% (from 31%)
The Gift – currently at 38% (from 25%)
What Stands In A Storm – listened to 3hr 10min – currently at 36% (from 12%)
Seduction in Death – audiobook/re-read – listened to 7hr 29min – currently at 58% (from 49%)
Then He Showed Up – currently at 6%

Books Finished
Fire and Ice – Finished (from 73%)

Bout of Books 18 Challenge – Day 5
If you like this – try this
I always struggle with providing book recommendations to people because often times all i get is recommend me a book – no delineation on fiction/non-fiction; sub-genres in fiction etc…so it often takes a bit of back and forth dialogue to get to a point where I feel I can make a recommendation without feeling like I’m leading someone down the wrong path – that being said – when I give recommendations, especially romances – i tend to say if you like this trope, then you might like this author; rather than a specific author to author recommendation (since so many authors nowadays are diversified in what they are writing).

If you like small town romance, then you might like Kimberly Kincaid’s Pine Mountain series or if you like series where family is important then you might like Avery Flynn’s, Sweet Salvation Brewery series. Finally, if you like real-life military romance (compare to the very popular special forces romance storylines), you might like Jamie Farrell’s Southern Fried Blues or Jessica Scott’s Coming Home series

What about you guys – what is your favorite, if you liked that, try this book recommendation?


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Bout of Books 18- Day 4


Wednesday’s are normally one of my favorite days of the week – and not only because its hump day in a normal week (although in a shortened 4 day work week, it does mean that the week is halfway done) – but its one of my favorite days because on Wednesday nights I take a TRX class at a local workout studio. If you’ve never seen it, TRX is suspension training bodyweight exercises and since i started working it into my schedule, i’ve noticed that my core is getting stronger and that my swim times are slowly getting faster. Although from my creative cursing during class, you would never actually know that I do enjoy it…haha!

It seems that for this Bout of Books, the focus has been much more on audio for me – I’ve had some really good ones that i’ve been listening to, on top of being able to immerse myself in them at work since i’m doing some monotonous stuff right now. And starting next week, I’m going to go back to having a longer commute each day, so that will just increase my listening time 🙂

Day 3 Tally:
Sarah’s Key – currently at 22% (from 11%)
Fire and Ice – currently at 73% (from 44%)
The Coffee Girl – currently at 42% (from 31%)
The Gift – currently at 38% (from 25%)
What Stands In A Storm – listened to 3hr 10min – currently at 36% (from 12%)
Seduction in Death – audiobook/re-read – listened to 6hr 21min – currently at 49% (from 9%)

Day 3 Books Finished:
None to report

Hope everyone has a great Thursday and its filled with enjoyable, fun reading adventures 🙂


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Bout of Books 18 – Day 3


So it seems that winter finally decided to make an appearance in my neck of the woods (after being 54deg and sunny on New Years Day) – so it has been cold and drizzly the last 2 – which has meant hellish commutes for work (because it rains and people seem to forget how to drive) and well as just general lethargy at work and at home. I’m even hearing rumor that we might see snow this weekend (since we haven’t had any yet this year). Day 2 of Bout of Books also marks me recommitting to my 2017 goal of commitment to my nutrition (since anyone who knows me, knows that in general, I prefer the diet of a pre-schooler – up to and including sugary cereal) – but I know that isn’t healthy for me, so i’m making changes. Last night for dinner (and while listening to an audiobook), I made Ground Turkey and Sweet Potato Skillet – it was one of my more successful recipes and I see it going into the regular dinner rotation (and would be easily tweakable to use both ground chicken or bison

Day 2 Tally:
Sarah’s Key – currently at 22% (from 11%)
Fire and Ice – currently at 44% (from 21%)
The Coffee Girl – currently at 42% (from 31%)
The Gift – currently at 25% (from 18%)
What Stands In A Storm – listened to 1hr 14min
Seduction in Death – audiobook/re-read – listened to 1hr 15min

Books Finished
Promises in Death – audiobook – FINISHED

Bout of Books Day 2 Challenge – Book to Movie
Have a book you think would make an excellent movie?
I always suck at questions like this because most books I love, I can never see brought to the big screen – they’d have to cut stuff out to make it fit into prescribed time limits etc. The same is the case on made for TV movies – I was so excited to see that one of Lisa Kleypas’s books was made into a movie (Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor and yet when they turned it into a movie – it just lost the magic – they made changes to what the characters did, how they interacted with each other…they would have been better off to not even say it was based on a book! Heck, they even changed the name of it to Christmas with Holly!!!

That isn’t to say that all book to movie adaptations are horrible – To Kill a Mockingbird, the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice are two of my favorites because they were so true to the story…that being said – I’d be interested to see how the In Death series (JD Robb) could be adapted into a TV show (not I say show not movie, but for a series that is so on-going – I think a show would work better). I’ll also admit that I am intrigued to see Hulu’s adaption of The Handmaid’s Tale that will be out mid-2017 (they also adapted 11/22/63 by Stephen King that I still need to watch). So I know I didn’t really answer the question – but when I saw it, these were the thoughts that came to mind.

How did your Bout of Books Day 2 go?

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Bout of Books 18 – Day 2


Ok, so i’m cheating a bit here and post-dating my Bout of Books update from Day 2 (which is a look back at how day 1 went) because I got immersed in stuff at work, and not getting home until uber-late (but that is the best thing about technology right? I can say I wrote something at x time, even if i didn’t).

So day 1 of Bout of Books 18 – I went into it with 5 books (although technically 6 since i didn’t list Les Mis that I am slowly trudging through) – including 1 audiobook. But I also had plans with a friend on Day 1 to go and see a movie/do lunch – so that really cut into my reading time – on top of making sure I wasn’t a lazy bum and getting a workout in which resulted in me definitely not getting as much read (or even listened to) as I hoped.

Day 1 Tally:
Sarah’s Key – currently at 22% (from 11%)
Fire and Ice – currently at 21% (from 12%)
The Coffee Girl – currently at 42% (from 31%)
The Gift – currently at 18% (from 12%)
Promises in Death – audiobook – currently about 1.5hrs remaining (from 4hrs)

I also started:
What Stands In A Storm – listened to 28min

I wish I could say that the movie we went to see (Manchester by the Sea) was worth losing 4+ hours of reading time (2.5hrs for the movie, hour of lunch, assorted commute there with no audiobook)…but alas…it was very introspective (don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind movies like that)…but the ending was just like they all turned to each other and said “oh, we’re out of money – ok, we’re done”…there was no real conclusion, no feeling of closure…which I guess continued the overall theme of grief in the movie – but yeah…not a fan.

On the bright side – I did get a good workout in after I got home – did a Functional Test Power threshold assessment (helps me to focus on how hard to be riding to get the output that I need) and then followed it up with Day 2 of the FitnessBlender Sweat program which was upper body weights and HIIT intervals (if you’ve never seen FitnessBlender – they are free videos on youtube or their website – and for most of them, all you need is a set of dumbbells).

But I know that Day 2 of Bout of Books is going to be better – so let’s get to it 🙂

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Bout of Books 18 – Day 1


Whoo-hoo! Today is the first day of Bout of Books 18 and its drizzy cold and wet out – so perfect weather for curling up with a book (although I do have plans to go and do lunch and a movie with a friend who just moved to the area). My to-be-pile is ready to go – I have 5 books that are currently in progress that i’m hoping to finish up this week:
Sarah’s Key – currently at 11%
Fire and Ice – currently at 12%
The Coffee Girl – currently at 31%
The Gift – currently at 12%
Promises in Death – audiobook – currently about 4hrs remaining

One of the things I enjoy the most about Bout of Books are the challenges that the hosts devise, so without further ado, here is my Day 1 Challenge post:

Introduce Yourself #insixwords
triathlete naval officer minions romance reader

(for what its worth…that is harder than I thought it was going to be!) how would you introduce yourself if you only had 6 words – no more, no less!


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Bout of Books 18 – Intro


Nothing like kicking off a new year of reading with a low-key Bout of Books reading event! But what is Bout of Books, you ask? Well, here’s the Official Description

The Bout of Books read-a-thon is organized by Amanda Shofner and Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal. It is a week long read-a-thon that begins 12:01am Monday, January 2nd and runs through Sunday, January 8th in whatever time zone you are in. Bout of Books is low-pressure. There are challenges, giveaways, and a grand prize, but all of these are completely optional. For all Bout of Books 18 information and updates, be sure to visit the Bout of Books blog. – From the Bout of Books team

I’ve participated in Bout of Books on and off over the last couple of years – mostly because I don’t always see the posts mentioning upcoming dates and as mentioned in other blog posts, I’m horribly disorganized…so one of my goals this year is to participate in these reading events more frequently and interact with more bloggers! so i’m looking forward to kicking Reading in 2017 off with a bang! who is going to join me?

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