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Wow…that was a long break…

Sooo….I really didn’t intend to have upwards of 6 weeks of silence here. I know that I’ve had periods like that in the past when real life has gotten in the way of reading and blogging (HOW DARE IT RIGHT?) but I’ve at least tried to check in…but for some reason this time I didn’t.

It wasn’t that I haven’t been reading (I have) or listening to audiobooks (boy have I ever), or even that I haven’t read/listened to any books that deserve reviews (I have several of them half written)…I just…I don’t know…lack of energy and excitement over blogging. The feeling of same ‘ole, same ‘ole – a touch of a reading rut (I’ve definately moved away from my normal heavy romance reading because everything is starting to read the same).

Add to that, a currently insane workload (having to do the work of at least 3 others because we are undermanned) and training for my second Ironman (Louisville on October 9th) and pretty much anything that isn’t work or triathlon related has been moved to the backburner. But never fear – I will be back – I might be a bit sporadic until after October, but I’m going to try and chisel my way into my backlog of books that I have to review…wish me luck!

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