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Movie Monday (6) – Incredibles 2

Pop some popcorn, sit back, put your feet up and tell us about the movie(s) you have seen this week!

Its been fourteen years in the making (and waiting) – but like many folks, I was so excited to see my movie this weekend on opening weekend (normally, I try to stay clear of those movies but I was feeling nostalgic and knew that it was worth the risk is going. So without further ado – my movie this week: Incredibles 2.

I’ll admit that I still go and see the Disney animated movie every year when it comes out – except for Frozen because for some reason I was a dumbass and just didn’t go…(no heckling allowed). When I was driving home from work Friday night – I was debating going to see Incredibles 2 or Ocean’s 8 – and it wasn’t until I actually got up to the counter to get my ticket that I decided on Incredibles. Mostly because I didn’t know if I was in the mood to deal with a movie that would have a lot of kids at it – especially since I was going to see the 7:30 showing on a Friday night during the first (or second week) of summer holidays. But surprisingly enough, the movie wasn’t sold out and the kids who were in there were mostly well-behaved (aside from an infant who apparently took offense to one of the scenes with Jack Jack).

I’ll admit that I figured out pretty early on who the antagonist was in the movie – it was kind of obvious to me – and ugh, I really hated who it was – because I liked them as a character prior to the reveal. I was REALLY hoping that I was going to be wrong. But alas…For me, the best part of the movie was Jack Jack! At the end of the first movie, the viewers knew that Jack Jack had powers, even though the rest of the family didn’t know. So we are going into the movie knowing something that characters in the movie didn’t know. There was one scene with Jack Jack and a raccoon that had me nearly rolling off my seat, I was laughing so hard. I will say that I wish there had been some more Edna (the fashion designer who made the outfits in the first movie).

While I didn’t love the Incredibles as much as I had hoped – it was definitely a solid sequel and made for an enjoyable Friday night after a long week at work. And who knows, there is the potential for a third movie based on a few of the lines and conversations that occurred….I only hope I don’t have to wait another 14 years….

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Team Sea to See…and they’re off

So this isn’t a typical post for me, but its something awesome that a friend of mine is doing (in fact, as this post was published they departed Oceanside California). Race Across America is an annual race where the crazy people, whoops, I mean cyclists, either individually or in teams, try to be the fastest person to cross the United States. It starts in Oceanside, CA and ends in Annapolis, MD. These teams cross over 3000 miles, 12 states and over 170,000ft of climbing (which just makes me cringe…I hate anything that makes me climb hills!). What makes this even more awesome is that my friend, Pamela (yeah, girl, i’m calling you out), is one of 4 pilots on a team that features all blind stokers (the folks that are in the back of a tandem bike). The team, Sea to See (isn’t that a great play on words) is aiming to change the narrative about what visually impaired folks can do.

I’m going to be tracking them through live updates (available HERE)

You can read more about Team Sea to See HERE and if you would like to donate to their mission, here is the link: DONATE HERE

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First Line Friday – 15 June 2018

First Line Fridays is hosted by Hoarding Books

I don’t know about you guys but i’m struggling with the fact that we are officially halfway through June as of today. They say time flies as you get older (and heck, i’m not even officially that old) – but its sooo true! Although (just a secret between us girls – and guys…I accidently wrote June 2017 on a document at work the other day and didn’t realize it for like 3hrs). Anyways – I had a tough time figuring out what first line I wanted to feature this week because I have two books that I am going to be starting either tonight or tomorrow (depends on how I feel after I get home from the movies…Incredibles 2…heck yeah!). So I figured – why the heck not and featuring both of them! (because everyone who knows me, knows that i’m a bit of a rebel).

The Year 2083 dawns in the icy shadow of winter’s crystalline wings.
From: Ocean Light – Nalini Singh

Security specialist Bowen Knight has come back from the dead. But there’s a ticking time bomb in his head: a chip implanted to block telepathic interference that could fail at any moment–taking his brain along with it. With no time to waste, he should be back on land helping the Human Alliance. Instead, he’s at the bottom of the ocean, consumed with an enigmatic changeling…

Kaia Luna may have traded in science for being a chef, but she won’t hide the facts of Bo’s condition from him or herself. She’s suffered too much loss in her life to fall prey to the dangerous charm of a human who is a dead man walking. And she carries a devastating secret Bo could never imagine…

But when Kaia is taken by those who mean her deadly harm, all bets are off. Bo will do anything to get her back–even if it means striking a devil’s bargain and giving up his mind to the enemy.

There was a darker brown stain on our brown suede couch.
From: How To Behave In A Crowd – Camille Bordas

Isidore Mazal is eleven years old, the youngest of six siblings living in a small French town. He doesn’t quite fit in. Berenice, Aurore, and Leonard are on track to have doctorates by age twenty-four. Jeremie performs with a symphony, and Simone, older than Isidore by eighteen months, expects a great career as a novelist. She’s already put Isidore to work on her biography. The only time they leave their rooms is to gather on the old, stained couch and dissect prime-time television dramas in light of Aristotle’s Poetics.

Isidore has never skipped a grade or written a dissertation, but he notices things the others don’t and asks questions they fear to ask. So when gedy strikes the Mazal family, Isidore is the only one to recognize how everyone is struggling with their grief and perhaps the only one who can help them–if he doesn’t run away from home first.

Why I’m Looking Forward to these Books
So the first one was pretty much a given for me – Nalini Singh is on my auto-read list (although unfortunately, since her psy-changling series moved to hardcover I tend to borrow from the library rather than buy). I’ve had this reserved since it popped in my library’s catalogue a month or so ago – which means i’m one of the first to get to read it 🙂

My other choice this week is a book that I requested through Inter-library loan about a month ago and it finally came in the other week (and since those loans tend to have a short timeframe for the loan, I knew I needed to get it read). But in general – I picked this off a list of books for a challenge because the cover caught my eye – I’ve never read of the author, but after reading the description I was intrigued!

What About You Guys – What is the first line from your current read?


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Movie Monday (5) – Book Club

Pop some popcorn, sit back, put your feet up and tell us about the movie(s) you have seen this week!

Anyone who knows me knows that I just cringe when I see 50 shades of grey mentioned – both the books and the movies – because while I tried to read them, I found them horribly written, redundant and as someone who has been reading romances (and erotic romance, and erotic) for probably close to 2 decades, I couldn’t get past the “books that brought romance mainstream.” But that is a rant for another day…when I saw Book Club first previewed at the theatre and that 50 shades of grey was going to be featured during it, I’ll admit that I cringed, ranted on facebook and probably made some idiotic statement about not going to see it (yeah, I can be idiot like that). But I did go and see it and for the most part (aside from the parents that brought their 4ish year old see it and who wanted to watch videos on their phone during the movie)…
All I can say after seeing Book Club is that I would love to have a group of friends like the women in this movie – four friends who have seen each other through marriage, divorce, death, through times that were happy and sad. I have a few friends like that but unfortunately, the military has caused us to be spread across the country, which makes it hard for a real-life book club – but I guess a virtual one has potential.

Of the four women featured in this – Diane Keaton’s was my favorite – but then she has been a favorite of mine for many years – I think I’ve seen a majority of the movies she has starred in over the years. Her story in this was just sweet – a story of finding love for a second time (and besides the guy she falls in love with is just adorable – played by the awesome Andy Garcia). Behind Diane Keaton if I had to rank the individual stories in order of enjoyment – it would be Candice Bergen, then Mary Steenburgen with Jane Fonda bringing up the rear. Honestly, I could take or leave Jane Fonda in most of the movies that she does – Monster in Law is about the only semi-decent one of hers that I enjoyed – the rest…ehhh….Candice Bergen as a divorced judge who signs up for an online dating service – holy shit, I laughed so hard in places and Mary Steenburgen was just her normal solid self. but there were a few funny scenes with her and her husband (played by Craig T. Nelson) that just made me chuckle. I think really the only people in the movie who I didn’t like were the characters of Diane Keaton’s daughters – they drove me nuts with how they treated her (yeah, I know it was part of the movie) – but omg, I wanted to slap them silly a few times!

Book Club is definitely a movie that solidly belongs in the chick flick realm, or if a guy wants to turn in his man card – a date night movie (kidding kidding, I know men can like romantic comedies). While I wasn’t a fan of 50 shades of grey – I think enough of the movie was devoted to the storyline other than the books. I’m curious to know what book they picked to read after 50 shades…lol!

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First Line Fridays – 8 June 2018

First Line Fridays is hosted by Hoarding Books

I have pretty eclectic reading tastes – unless its horror because no thanks! Typically, my current read is related to one of the various challenges that I am part of it. My pick this week surprisingly enough fits one of those challenges, but it wasn’t on my initial list of potential books – rather, I discovered it, when I signed up for a challenge where readers are paired up and a book off their pile is picked for them. My book this week is the book that I recommended for my partner and we are going to be buddy reading it starting this weekend!

It is nearly dawn, and the semidarkness casts strange shadows along the footpath.

From: White Chrysanthemum – Mary Lynn Bracht

Goodreads Description:
Korea, 1943. Hana has lived her entire life under Japanese occupation. As a haenyeo, a female diver of the sea, she enjoys an independence that few other Koreans can still claim. Until the day Hana saves her younger sister from a Japanese soldier and is herself captured and transported to Manchuria. There she is forced to become a “comfort woman” in a Japanese military brothel. But haenyeo are women of power and strength. She will find her way home.

South Korea, 2011. Emi has spent more than sixty years trying to forget the sacrifice her sister made, but she must confront the past to discover peace. Seeing the healing of her children and her country, can Emi move beyond the legacy of war to find forgiveness?

I don’t know a lot about the Japanese invasion of parts of Asia – so when I read the description for this book, I knew that I had to add it to my pile. I think it will be interesting to see how the present and past POV’s play out – I find its a method of storytelling that can be highly successful or a huge flop. It was a bonus when my pickee, asked if I wanted to do a buddy read with her on it. I can’t wait to start reading it in the next day or so.

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Movie Monday (4) – Adrift

Pop some popcorn, sit back, put your feet up and tell us about the movie(s) you have seen this week!

My movie this week is a new release in the theatre that I checked out Saturday night while I was hanging out in Youngstown, Ohio – also know as military drill weekend. There weren’t a lot of movies showing, but the one that I had seen previewed recently had a show that fit my schedule and so after a great dinner at Appleby’s, I heading off to see it.

Adrift, starring Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin is the true life story of Tami Oldhem and Richard Sharp who were sailing from Tahiti to San Diego in 1983 when they crossed paths with Hurricane Raymond. Adrift tells the story of their attempt at survival on a 44-ft yacht that had a broken mast, was flooding and had no food/water in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. For 41 days they were adrift before being rescued (don’t worry, these aren’t truly spoilers).

Both Shailene and Sam are actors who I have enjoyed seeing on screen before – Shailene in Big Little Lies (although I wasn’t a huge fan of the book to TV adaption in general) and Sam in The Hunger Games (mmm, yummy). I thought both of them did a great job of portraying their respective characters – Sam was very charismatic and if he was anything like the real Richard Sharp, I can see why Tami fell for him. There is something about his smile. Shailene had the footloose, fancy free woman down pat – I loved the first scene when she got to Tahiti and the immigration guy was like how long are you going to stay and she just said, “I don’t know” and smiled. She also managed to pull off the haunted, starving, stranded sailor – you could feel the desolation on the big screen. Especially with the scenes where the camera panned out from the sailboat to the vastness of the ocean where you could barely see the boat.

I can’t say that I loved this – mostly because it was tough to watch and I don’t see myself renting it on DVD when it comes out – but it was a decent movie to go and see on a free evening if you had some spare time. In fact, I don’t know if watching it on DVD would give you the feeling of just how big the ocean is.

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First Line Fridays – 1 June 2018

First Line Fridays is hosted by Hoarding Books

I’m definitely scrapping in under the wire with my post today – since its 11:31pm…and i’m sitting in my base hotel room in Ohio after my monthly trek for reserve drill. I’ll have to admit that I definitely wasn’t in the mood for that long drive today (normally takes about 5.5 hours) – but in true Washington DC fashion – what normally takes me an hour to get out of the city was closer to two hours…so my drive ended up over 6.5 hours (including my stop in Breezewood…BTW don’t get even me started on the idiocy that is that intersection to get on the Pennsylvania turnpike…) Anyways – enough complaining about that! thankfully, I have a hopefully good book waiting on my kindle to start reading tonight – so without further ado, here is my first line Friday!

Tate Grayson drummed his fingers on the steering wheel, barely resisting the urge to curse

From: Tell Me Something Good – Jamie Wesley

Goodreads Description:
In a moment of restlessness, Tate Grayson sold his multimillion-dollar company and spun his love of sports into a radio talk show. Life, and love, is too short to take seriously—a fact he enjoys rubbing in uptight radio host Noelle Butler’s face.

After the death of her parents, a tragedy she blamed on herself, Noelle vowed to live a controlled, focused life. Now a psychologist, she channels her need for connection into her radio show. But when the arrogant sportscaster next door tells listeners men shouldn’t get married, she’s all too happy to yank the silver spoon out of his overprivileged mouth.

Their heated on-air arguments are a hit, but when the station director forces them to do a joint show for two weeks, Tate and Noelle object. They can’t stand each other, despite the attraction sizzling beneath every interaction. But if they can’t pull the struggling radio station back from the brink, they’ll lose their jobs. Or worse, their hearts.

so this book has been hanging out in my kindle archives for a couple of years now (apparently I bought it in 2014…) – but it fits a category for the quarterly challenge that I do and it was also picked by a fellow Goodreads-er for a challenge (based on Monopoly). I’ll admit that i’m also a sucker for a enemies to lovers type romance – its one of my favorite tropes – so I hope this one lives up the other books with similar themes 🙂


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