Movie Monday (6) – Incredibles 2

18 Jun

Pop some popcorn, sit back, put your feet up and tell us about the movie(s) you have seen this week!

Its been fourteen years in the making (and waiting) – but like many folks, I was so excited to see my movie this weekend on opening weekend (normally, I try to stay clear of those movies but I was feeling nostalgic and knew that it was worth the risk is going. So without further ado – my movie this week: Incredibles 2.

I’ll admit that I still go and see the Disney animated movie every year when it comes out – except for Frozen because for some reason I was a dumbass and just didn’t go…(no heckling allowed). When I was driving home from work Friday night – I was debating going to see Incredibles 2 or Ocean’s 8 – and it wasn’t until I actually got up to the counter to get my ticket that I decided on Incredibles. Mostly because I didn’t know if I was in the mood to deal with a movie that would have a lot of kids at it – especially since I was going to see the 7:30 showing on a Friday night during the first (or second week) of summer holidays. But surprisingly enough, the movie wasn’t sold out and the kids who were in there were mostly well-behaved (aside from an infant who apparently took offense to one of the scenes with Jack Jack).

I’ll admit that I figured out pretty early on who the antagonist was in the movie – it was kind of obvious to me – and ugh, I really hated who it was – because I liked them as a character prior to the reveal. I was REALLY hoping that I was going to be wrong. But alas…For me, the best part of the movie was Jack Jack! At the end of the first movie, the viewers knew that Jack Jack had powers, even though the rest of the family didn’t know. So we are going into the movie knowing something that characters in the movie didn’t know. There was one scene with Jack Jack and a raccoon that had me nearly rolling off my seat, I was laughing so hard. I will say that I wish there had been some more Edna (the fashion designer who made the outfits in the first movie).

While I didn’t love the Incredibles as much as I had hoped – it was definitely a solid sequel and made for an enjoyable Friday night after a long week at work. And who knows, there is the potential for a third movie based on a few of the lines and conversations that occurred….I only hope I don’t have to wait another 14 years….

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