Bout of Books 18 – Day 2

03 Jan


Ok, so i’m cheating a bit here and post-dating my Bout of Books update from Day 2 (which is a look back at how day 1 went) because I got immersed in stuff at work, and not getting home until uber-late (but that is the best thing about technology right? I can say I wrote something at x time, even if i didn’t).

So day 1 of Bout of Books 18 – I went into it with 5 books (although technically 6 since i didn’t list Les Mis that I am slowly trudging through) – including 1 audiobook. But I also had plans with a friend on Day 1 to go and see a movie/do lunch – so that really cut into my reading time – on top of making sure I wasn’t a lazy bum and getting a workout in which resulted in me definitely not getting as much read (or even listened to) as I hoped.

Day 1 Tally:
Sarah’s Key – currently at 22% (from 11%)
Fire and Ice – currently at 21% (from 12%)
The Coffee Girl – currently at 42% (from 31%)
The Gift – currently at 18% (from 12%)
Promises in Death – audiobook – currently about 1.5hrs remaining (from 4hrs)

I also started:
What Stands In A Storm – listened to 28min

I wish I could say that the movie we went to see (Manchester by the Sea) was worth losing 4+ hours of reading time (2.5hrs for the movie, hour of lunch, assorted commute there with no audiobook)…but alas…it was very introspective (don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind movies like that)…but the ending was just like they all turned to each other and said “oh, we’re out of money – ok, we’re done”…there was no real conclusion, no feeling of closure…which I guess continued the overall theme of grief in the movie – but yeah…not a fan.

On the bright side – I did get a good workout in after I got home – did a Functional Test Power threshold assessment (helps me to focus on how hard to be riding to get the output that I need) and then followed it up with Day 2 of the FitnessBlender Sweat program which was upper body weights and HIIT intervals (if you’ve never seen FitnessBlender – they are free videos on youtube or their website – and for most of them, all you need is a set of dumbbells).

But I know that Day 2 of Bout of Books is going to be better – so let’s get to it 🙂

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