Dewey’s 24-hour Readathon – Hours 9-12

30 Apr

Halfway there! 12 hours down and 12 to go (although I do find the need to take a bit of a snooze…so I probably will…but I suck at taking naps – I sleep, not nap – anything less than 2hrs is just not going to do it for me!). I was definitely more productive during this four hour block than the last one – finishing up 3 books, including 1 audiobook and starting another one. Although in true Dee fashion, I opted to borrow something new via Kindle Unlimited than tackle one of the many books I borrowed from the library or that I already had on my kindle…haha!

Surprisingly, I also hit my goal of 11000 steps for the day – normally on weekends (not just readathon ones) – I’m a bum and struggle to get 3000, so I’m trying to be extra aware to hit my goals during the day. The errands I ran during this block helped me to finish up for the day (now I don’t feel guilty about doing nothing for the rest of the readathon).

Books Finished:
Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City – Matthew Desmond – started pg207 (134pgs)
Wrong Place, Right Time – Elle Casey (358pgs)
Colonist’s Wife and Heart’s a Mess – Kylie Scott – 1hr, 23min to finish it up

Audiobook Started:
Rookie Move – Sarina Bowen – 33min listened

As we get into the time of night when people start wanting to head to bed – I wish everyone luck with your reading adventures! See y’all at midnight!

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