Dewey’s 24-hour Readathon – Hours 5-8

29 Apr

What do you do when its nearly 90 degrees out and readathon day? you queue up an audiobook and take a nice long week (quite coincidently to the local library). That is how I spent a good portion of the last four hours – I left not long after I posted my first update and it was close to 2hours later when I got home (and it added nearly 5000 steps to my daily goal of 11000) – I also finished up this four hour period by taking both of my devils (aka the German Shepherds for a walk – if you ever want to hear something pathetic, you should hear them when one gets left behind, so I can walk the other). Because of this, I didn’t manage to finish any books during this time period – although I’m getting close on a couple of them (both my current audio and one of the non-fiction books that I had in process before we started).

Books In Progress:
Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City – Matthew Desmond
The Spring at Moss Hill – Carla Neggers
Wrong Place, Right Time – Elle Casey

Audiobook in Progress:
Colonist’s Wife and Heart’s a Mess – Kylie Scott – listened to another 2hours 4min (finishing up the first book in the duo and started the second one – does that count as finishing up a book?)

Kade says have fun reading for the next four hours and talk to you then 🙂

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