Review: Destiny Calls

01 Oct

Destiny Calls
Destiny Calls by Samantha Wayland
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

**Book donated by the author for review**

Recently I was asked by a friend on if I would be willing to review a book that had been written by one of her writing partners, as she knew I read menage quite often and I agreed. Its been a long time since I had read a menage story that I have enjoyed as I did this one.

Destiny, Brandon and Patrick have been friends for years, growing up in homes that nowadays would potentially be classified as emotionally abusive and have maintained that friendship throughout the years, but it is all about to change, when Patrick kisses Brandon one night while they are out at a bar.

It is hard for me to get down in this review what I enjoyed about this story. First of all, I liked the fact that it wasn’t a menage that is based on a previously formed relationship. I mean, those are ok sometimes, but I often have a hard time with how those relationships are presented. In Destiny Calls, it seemed to be more believable somehow, because there wasn’t that permanency. I liked the dynamics between Brandon and Patrick and their co-workers (all cops) and how so much of what happened was guided by their fears of perception.

The only thing that kind of felt unfinished was the suspense story line. It didn’t feel like it was as developed as it could have been and while everything was resolved, something just seemed to be missing. I would also like to know more about Patrick/Brandon’s co-workers (I could see a few more books based on them).

Overall, an enjoyable read and a solid 4 stars. I’ll definitely be looking for more written by Samantha Wayland in the future.

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