Review: A Model Boyfriend

01 Oct

A Model Boyfriend
A Model Boyfriend by Clancy Nacht
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The review was originally published for The Romance Reviewers and can be found here

As a reader, I am normally not a fan of a storyline that already has one of the individuals in a committed relationship. For me, something always just seems to be missing. However, I was pleasantly surprised with A MODEL BOYFRIEND.

For the past three years, Andy (Andrea) and Mike have been together, but recently have found themselves growing apart as they develop new interests. Mike wants Andy to give up the art that she loves and Andy doesn’t understand what happened to the guy she fell in love that. But everything changes when Andy meet Brandon, a male model, and starts to question her future with Mike or without him.

As I was reading, I never truly felt the dynamics of a relationship between Andy and Mike – it was like they were just going along making the motions, even before Brandon came into the picture. But once he did, I could almost feel the connection between Andy and Brandon.

There were several fun scenes throughout including the photo shoot, and also ones that were moving, such as the Thanksgiving Day turkey portion. With Andy being an artist, there was one description of a painting and quote that stuck with me after finishing the book. Towards the end at a featured art show, Andy and Brandon are talking about a painting and he says to her, “we all want a sunnier room than the one that we just closed the door on. It doesn’t always work that way, but I’ll do my best, Andy.” – that statement and the description of what most individuals want in their lives resonated with me – the idea of always wanting things to be better than the day before, or the room before. It is something that I will keep in my mind in the future.

Yet, there were also some parts that just didn’t seem to jive with the rest of the story. Mostly I think this just had to do with the wording in a few places. The term “self-abuse” seemed to be used on several occasions and whenever it showed up, it jolted me out of the enjoyment of my reading. I don’t know what it is about that word, but it just bothered me. Aside from those difficulties with some of the wording, I enjoyed the story and will definitely be seeking out more writing by Clancy Nacht in the future.

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