Review: Kismet

18 Aug

Kismet by Monica Burns
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

like someone mentioned in another review, its been a long time since i’ve read a sheik romance – I stopped reading them several years ago because they were just ehhh…so I was pleasantly surprised when I picked this one up. I loved the sexual tension between the two main characters and that fact that the heroine was a courtesan and had taken control of her own sexual future made her appealing, especially considering that its a historical. The setting in Morocco made it visually appealing, I felt, at several times, I was in the desert with the Bedouin.

My only tiny nitpick comment was in one part where the author used some arabic in greetings and made a mistake – I don’t know a lot of arabic, but the part that was incorrect was one of the first things that we learnt and it has stuck in my head since. That being said, I will def. be looking for more booksby Ms Burns in the future – in particular, to see if there are any featuring Allega’s friend who gets married in the first part of the book, and Sheheen’s cousin, Charles who plays a pivotal role in this one to see if he gets his HEA eventually.

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