Review: Broken Rules

18 Aug

Broken Rules
Broken Rules by Jade Buchanan
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book reviewed for The Romance Reviews – original review can be found here – The Romance Reviews – Broken Rules

Can your first love be your true love?

Returning home after ten years of being away, Jonah is unsure of what he will find following the death of his mother. His best friend growing up, Neil, is there to provide him with support through the tough time he is going through, but could there possibly be something more between the two of them? Jonah has always felt something for Neil, but is unsure whether it is reciprocated. But now he is going to find out.

This was the first book that I have read by Jade Buchanan and it definitely won’t be the last. I was intrigued about the premise from just reading the description. I have to admit that I’m always a sucker for the first time love, returning home type story…I guess it’s that fairytale dream of always finding your true love, or in the words of one of my favorite movies, “Twu Wuv” (The Princess Bride).

Jonah was a character that I felt like I could connect with. While I am not in the same situation that he found himself in, I did leave home at about the same age as him and have only been back once in the last twelve years and he is returning home for the first time in ten years. Then there is Neil, Jonah’s best friend growing up, they were the kind of friend that you wish your son or daughter could have in life, until Jonah left town. Now he is back, a Police diver and looking to re-establish his friendship and maybe more with Jonah.

But like with all romance novels, there has to be a source of conflict, for Jonah and Neil, it is the fact that they’re on the opposite side of Canada to each other. Jonah has his work as a social worker and Neil is limited in his location by where there are diving units. It’s a good thing that this is the first book in a trilogy because I can’t wait to see what happens between the two of them in later books.

I’d give this book 4 out of 5 stars, but will be on the look-out for more books by Ms. Buchanan in the future.

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