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February Wrap-Up

Ahhh, February – the shortest month of the year and the one that a) either feels like it is going to last forever or b) just flies by – you never know. Its also the month where it can be 60+ degrees somedays and on others snowing and storming. I know I don’t regret the snow day we had last week from work, or the fact that I had several days where we had a delayed work start (which is solid because I can get my workout in earlier in the day rather than in the evening). February saw me read (or listen) to 30 books – which is on the lower side of my normal reading (of course it doesn’t help that I have like 10 different books in progress…lol).

New Authors Discovered
February definitely was a GREAT month for discovering new authors – Of the 30 books that I read, 9 were by new to me authors, and at least 4 of them have been added to my read more in the future pile. I already have several books by Fredrik Bachman checked out from the library and on the pile for March and waiting (impatiently) for the next book by Helen Hoang. The Kiss Quotient (Helen Huong) gets the award for the most unique but likeable characters; and Saving Meghan (D.J. Palmer) for the most unlikeable characters (and yet I found myself completely sucked in). I also forsee a binge read of the J.A. Jance series that I started (Joanna Brady series)

Series Continued
I continued to dig into the multitude of series that I have in progress this month. I binged on books 2 and 3 in Kristi Belcamino’s Gabriella Giovanni series and then bought the remaining books in the series so that I could finish reading it in March. I also read the next installment in Rosalind James’ Escape from New Zealand series (I totally fall into the delayed gratification for this series, by trying to ration the books that have been released). I finished up Lauren Dane’s Ink and Chrome Trilogy (although I’ll flat out admit that it wasn’t my favorite book in the series) and jumped back into Kevin Hearne’s Iron Druid Chronicles (the third book def. suffered from that transition in series weakness – or at least I think so). I also continued with the next book in Lucy Lennox’s Made Marian series. JD Robb gave a solid installment to the In Death series with Thankless in Death (I finished up the last chapter of that on the first of the month) Finally, after discovering him in January, I buddy listening to the remaining 2 books in the Reckoner’s series by Branden Sanderson (although technically I finished up the last bit of the third book on the first day of March).

Diversity Challenge
February saw me read a book that hit both a neurodiverse character and by an author that identifies as such – I think of the 30 books that I read this month, The Kiss Quotient was in my top 3 favorites for the month. I loved Stella as a character and the romance between her and Michael had the right amount of sexual tension building throughout. I laughed out loud in several places, in particular, her lesson plans that she made for her sexual experiences. In addition, to the Kiss Quotient, I also rediscovered my enjoyment of m/m romances (specifically this month ones by Mary Calmes) and I’m part-way finished with Halsey Street (Naima Coster) which showed up on my kindle screen one night and caught my eye. I should have it finished in the next couple of days.

Tackling the TBR
Of all my various reading goals, this month my goal of tackling Mt To-Be-Read/Mt To-Be-Listened was the most successful. Of the 30 books that I read, 9 had been on my TBR pile for longer than three years and another 3 for longer than a year. I already mentioned it, but Thankless in Death was probably my favorite lost on Mt TBL that I got to this month (even though I did technically finish it up in March, over 90% of it was listened to in February). I also started Maya Banks KGI series (the first book has been on Mt TBR since 2012 and for some reason and I don’t remember buying them all, but I own books 1-8…I think I might have a TINY problem…) I also had to laugh when I requested a book from the library (The Winter Over) to discover that I had actually bought back in January 2017 (and I have now created a shelf on Goodreads called – “totally forgot I bought that” for those random finds).

My Top 3 Reads for February:
The Kiss Quotient – Helen Hoang
Beartown – Fredrik Bachman
From Lukov With Love – Mariana Zapata

What About You? How was your February Reading? Did you discover any new must-recommend authors?


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Seriously Saturday Series Catch-Up – Update #4

series catch-up

Ok, I swear while my updates on this have been rather sketchy, I have been reading books on my list. I just took a look and out of the 29 that I had on my originally list, I’ve read 17 of them. So i’m probably a bit behind in the reading, but still have time to finish (maybe/hopefully). Anyways, I’m going to try and actually post my updates over the next couple of weeks to get caught up. But here is the first of several 😉

visiosn in deathVisions in Death – J.D. Robb – #19 in series
I always find it hard to believe that a series could still be going strong over 15+ books, but the In Death series is one of them. While my goal isn’t to get caught up on this series this year (since there are 36 books out), I wanted to at least make sure that I finished up a couple more. The thing I liked about Visions in Death was that you got to see a more human side of Eve – early on in the series, she seems so cold and mechanical, but as each book is released, you see who she really is. The mystery in this installment was intriguing, I only had it partially figured out by the time it was revealed in the book but there wasn’t anything earth-shattering around it – the whole taking the eyes from the victim was kinda cool (in a freaky way though). Lots of quotes that I enjoyed and laughed over – one of my favorites being: “I’m late,” she snapped before Summerset could speak. “But here’s the thing, I’m not always late, but you’re always ugly. Who’s got the real problem?” (the whole Eve/Summerset dynamic is one of my favorite things about the series). Overall, I gave this entry in the series 3.5 stars and will be continuing on.

this is who i amThis Is Who I Am – Cherise Sinclair – #7 in series
Since I started this series and he was introduced, I wanted to read Sam’s story – for some reason, he has been the most intriguing (aside from Sally and the FBI agents) of all the Dom’s in the series. Don’t get me wrong, I liked the other guys, but there is something about an author that can write a convincing sadist (and make me like him) that wants happy. And Ms Sinclair didn’t let me down. I thought she did a great job tying up the story-arc from the previous 3 books of a human trafficking ring and showed people who have been involved try to get back to their normal life. I also thought that she made an interesting story with having secondary characters who weren’t aware of Linda’s preferences and when finding out, their reaction – which I think would be more common in society, than people just accepting. I gave This Is Who I Am 4 stars and can’t wait for the next book in the series to come out.

helsinki bloodHelsinki Blood – James Thompson – #4 in series
I’m kind of disappointed that I didn’t hold off reading this book now, since there is only going to be 1 more book in the series, after the authors death a few months ago. While the third book in the series was like a 180 in the character of Kari Vaara, this book started to turn him back into the cop that I liked in the first 2 books. While it was still dark in places, so much more of the book was devoted to Kari getting his life back to how it was. While I wanted to slap his wife upside the head a few times, for the most part – it was a solid read. Unfortunately, the wait for the release of book 5 is dwindling down and then there will be no more Kari 😦 I gave Helsinki Blood 3.5, but rounded up to 4 on Goodreads.

flash and bonesFlash and Bones – Kathy Reichs – #14 in series
After the disappointment of Spider Bones, I was leery of how Flash and Bones would turn out – I was thinking that the series may have jumped the shark and while I didn’t love F&B it was a def. improvement. But it is on my monitor and follow pile – just going to be taking it one book at a time. you could tell that the author felt in her element with the NASCAR descriptions – while personally, i’m not a fan, you could tell that she had done her research. I liked the mystery around this one, it reminded me more of the earlier books in the series – and it had Reichs trade-mark gruesome deaths of secondary characters. I gave Flash and Bones 3.5 stars, and will continue the series, but in no rush to do so.

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Review: Portrait in Death

Portrait in Death

Portrait in Death by J.D. Robb 

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Series: In Death (Book 16)

Normally by the time a book series reaches number sixteen, you would expect for the plot to start becoming a bit iffy, and mistakes to possibly occur with the characters and their personalities. Yet, with Portrait in Death, none of these things occurred. In fact, looking back, I think that this is potentially my favorite one of the series so far. I was kept guessing until the very end…in fact, I had wondered about who the person was and then discarded them as a probable…i guess I would be an epic fail in Eve’s place 😉

Not only was the crime interesting, a guy that poses his victims in photographs at their death, but all the continued development of the cast of characters. Anyone who has read the previous books has likely come to love the pairing of Eve and Rourke…I mean, hello its Rourke! But the development of Officer Delia Peabody and Ian McNabb; the reoccurring characters of Feeney and Dr Mira; and now Detective Baxter and Officer Truehart (who is growing on me more and more each day). I also can’t help by love Summerset and all the shit that he continually gives Eve. A relationship that is built on snide remarks, with an undertone of respect (in a round about way).

Once again narrated by the brilliant Susan Erickson, who the remarkable ability to not only distinguish each character’s voice, but also maintain those voices through the series of books. Ms Erickson is one narrator I know who is going to give me a guaranteed great performance whenever I pick up a book done by her.

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