2018 Armchair Audies

08 Feb

Over the last 3 (or is it 4 years?), I have avidly participated in the Armchair Audies hosted by Jennifer at The Literate Housewife! Over the last year I’ve had a great time listening to books in various categories – from Romance, to Erotica, to Paranormal to Young Adult. One of my favorite times is reviewing each of the categories and figuring out which ones I want to listen to for that year. There is some method to my madness and other just flimsy.

This year, the minute I saw that the nominees in the Romance category were mostly what I would definite as traditional romance, I was excited to listen to it again after a sabbatical of several years (I’m sorry, but I can’t get behind Nicholas Sparks being nominated in a romance category!) This was the first year that I didn’t opt to do the Erotica category – after reviewing the nominees and realizing that I had previously given 2 authors of the 5 nominees 2 or less stars while listening – I didn’t feel I could be unbiased in my listening. Paranormal has been a category that I have listened to several times now and while I have already read one of the books nominated (because its Nalini Singh), I’m looking forward to the books in this category – three of them are series that I have in progress (including the re-read/listen) and the other two look intriguing. The final category this year was a toss-up for me between Young Adult, Mystery, History/Biography or Suspense/Thriller – but ultimately it came down to which audiobooks were the most readily accessible for me to get my hands on (thank you Charles County Maryland Public Library for having such a great audiobook collection) – so the third category for my 2018 Armchair Audies is Thriller/Suspense.

I don’t know about you guys, but i’m looking forward to an awesome three months of listening to see if i can figure out who the judges think is the best of the nominees in the category! Wish me luck!

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