Dewey’s 24Hr Read-A-Thon – Hours 17-20

23 Oct

dewey2-2015Hours 17-20 Update

So i opted to not do an update at the 18hour point because I hadn’t finished any books in the preceding two hours (although I had made some pretty significant headway) – but I have good news to report now, I just finished (like maybe 5 minutes ago) – the one book that I had made it a goal to finish during this Read-a-thon – A House Without Windows – written by Nadia Hashimi.

house-without-windowsI read one of Dr Hashimi’s books a few months ago (she is a pediatrician that works in DC), and so when I was looking at the list of authors who would be attending the National Book Festival in DC and saw her name on the list – I thought it was a good opportunity to read another of hers. Set in Afghanistan, A House Without Windows is a book with the main thrust of the story is the criminal case surrounding an Afghani woman accused of killing her husband and the Afghani born, US trained lawyer who is hired to defend her. Before the beginning of the readathon, I’d read about 100 pages of it, so I was hoping to be able to finish it – but realized quickly that it wasn’t going to be a book that I could easily binge read – it was one that was better read in segments throughout the day (in fact, I just had just finished reading a part of it when I took my unanticipated nap this afternoon). I’ll be posting a review later on, but I can safely say, this was a 4 star read for me and one of my favorite of the read-a-thon.

As well as finishing up this book, I started yet another one by a new to me author, Annie Rains – Welcoming the Bad Boy – which I picked up on Amazon the other day during a sale (thank you book bub for letting me know about it being on sale!) I also started reading an autobiography of one of the top triathlon coaches in the US, Surfacing by Siri Lindley – I haven’t gotten far into it yet, in fact, barely touched on her athletic potential and she definately had a lot of drama in her family life, so I’ll be interested to see where it goes.

marie-readathonThe Final Stretch:
My next blog update will be at 8am and the completion of the read-a-thon – when I’ll do a summary of everything that I read and listened to over the previous 24 hours. But my goal for these next 4 hours is to finish up at least 1 of the 3 books that I’m currently reading and then hopefully for my last push, read The Curse of Tenth Grave which is the book I’ve been keeping off to the side as my reward for doing well during the Readathon!

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