Dewey’s 24hr Read-A-Thon – Hours 1-2

22 Oct

dewey2-2015Hours 1 and 2
So my plan for kicking off this read-a-thon was simple…my local start time was 8am on a Saturday morning and since it’s no longer triathlon training season and I only have Marine Corps Marathon lurking on the horizon, I could sleep in. I set my alarm for 7:55 (about 5 min) before the kick-off – just enough time to let me get up, let the dog’s out, gather the first hour supplies and crawl back into my nice warm bed.

all-about-seductionFunnily enough in my intro post I listed a bunch of the books I had in progress, and yet the first book that I picked up to read at 8am, wasn’t any of those books. It was a book that I had read a chapter or so of last night before I fell asleep and since it was in my comfort genre (historical romance) – I figured that it was a good way to kick off this read-a-thon. It was a quick read (even though it was 370-ish) pages because the author (Katy Madison – new to me) had a way of writing that just sucked me in.

I took a couple of breaks during those first two hours – to tweet a bit; catch up on Goodreads and prep this blog – but i’m continuing my “reading” with listening to my current audiobook (Lothaire – Kresley Cole, narrated by Robert Petkoff).

The next couple of hours
Unfortunately, real life is going to get in the way for the next couple of hours…I have some errands to run, and need to go out and get life’s nectar (also known as coffee)…but I have both my audiobook and the kindle app on my cell phone, so I can keep reading even while i’m out and about

How about you – how are you doing so far?

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