Review – Reckless – Priscilla West

29 Dec

Author: Priscilla West
Series: #6 in the Forever series
Rating: ☆ ☆ ☆

Review Copy Provided via NetGalley

Everything about him warned me to stay away.

I’d seen bad boys before, but he had it all and more. The rippling muscles covered in tatts, the piercing eyes hiding dark secrets, the silky voice that could make a girl come with just a whisper . . .

He was exactly the type of guy that would get me in trouble, but when he jumped off the stage, inked skin glistening with sweat and breathed his seductive words into my ear, I couldn’t resist the temptation.

It was supposed to be the best one-night stand of my life, but fate didn’t let it play out that way. Things happened. I got upset. I got hasty. And worst of all, I got reckless.

After that disaster, I thought it was the last I’d see of him. But what I didn’t know was that I’d started something.

Something that could shatter the very thing I had worked so hard to protect.

I should have known back then that the most seductive things in life are also the most dangerous.

So my initial thoughts on this are a bit of a rant in that I WISH I had seen the this book is a cliff-hanger warning when I selected it to read. (I just went back and looked and is it at the very bottom of the description of the book, and not listed at all on the Goodreads description…) So when I got to the end, my kindle very nearly went flying with fustration (of course, I wouldn’t actually do that to my poor baby, but you guys know what I mean!). So honestly, while I enjoyed the writing, I’m very undecided if i want to continue the story or not…but let’s jump back to the beginning.

I’ll admit that I am a sucker for the bad boy rockstar type romances – they have always been a guilty pleasure for me. I guess it has to do with the idea of them being untouchable and wish fulfillment. I mean, I know personally, if I was to ever even get close to a rock star (say someone like Adam Levine), I would probably turn into a bumbling idiot. So reading about romances with rock stars is like the ultimate wishlist fulfillment.

Priscilla West is a solid writer – I found her style throughout to be engaging and I just wanted to keep reading (which was unfortunately for my level of sleep prior to work the next day). And while there were some angsty spots throughout, they were well-written (although I had to wonder, what if Riley had not been the love-struck 20 something that she was, but more like the sensible accountant that she was touted to be…there were definately a few moments where i wanted to slap her silly (yes, sometimes books make me consider violence – don’t hold that against me).

I gave Reckless 3 stars, although it had been on track to be a 4 star read, until the cliff-hanger ending. I will likely read the follow-up book in the near future, but not sure when.

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