Dishing with Dee…San Fran Part 1

08 Oct

dishing with dee 2

So i’m going to break my Dishing with Dee posts about my trip to San Francisco into two posts, in part because I have some great pictures that I want to share with you guys and in part, because I want to draw out the torture of why I was in San Francisco, a little bit longer 😉

REX_Exterior-600x600So after leaving a very wet Washington DC and flying for 5+ hours (thankfully, I wasn’t overly crowded on my flight), I arrived in San Francisco at like 8pm (which for you who can do time zone calculations is about 11pm my normal time). One of the best things about traveling when its an all expenses paid trip (yes, you read that right), is the cool places you often get put up. Case in point, those of us who were attending this event in San Francisco were put up in the Hotel Rex. If you look closely at the picture, you can almost see my room, i was up on the third floor, but had a great view of the street and the fire escape (although it did get a bit loud at 5am when the trash guys came around).

REX_LibraryBar_Overview-1200x800What is great about this hotel, especially since all of us who were in San Fran were heavy readers, was that the bar is called the Library Bar where all the food and drinks on the menu were all american classics, like a Rob Roy or a West Side. Unfortunately with our schedule i didn’t get as much of a chance to check out the area as I hoped. But my kind of funny story, when I got there Thursday night, I went down to the bar for food and a drink, and the bar tender started speaking french to me and while I know a smattering of it, for the most part I was completely lost. When I said I didn’t speak French, he was like, oh, aren’t you here for French club…once we clarified that i wasn’t, I was able to order food and move on. The other bonus of being in a hotel with a bar called the Library bar, is that the hotel has its own little lending library – its one of those borrow a book, donate another book kind of set ups (and I did my due diligence but donating a couple of romances to the shelves, since they were lacking in that forum).

And last but not least, as you walked up each landing to the next floor (because I personally hate taking elevators), there were these cool quotes from different authors…and being the dork that I am, I had to take photos of them!

san fran quotes

Stay tuned for more of my adventures from San Francisco…coming soon!

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