Bout of Books 14 – Day 4 Update

21 Aug
Bout of Books

Well, I can safely say, that day 4 wasn’t much more productive than day 3 for me…lol! Although I did realize that one of the books I was struggling with, I just couldn’t stick with and decided to mark it as DNF. Based on the description, I should have liked it, because I’m a fan of GLBT fiction and short stories, but unfortunately for me, these stories were more like vingettes and scenes, and not really stories. In fact, many of the stories, weren’t even 3 screen changes on my kindle (so maybe 300-400 words). I’m also sore and grumpy from my Physical Therapy appointment which for me made it hard to sit down and concentrate to read. Only a couple more days of Bout of Books left for this round – hopefully, I’ll actually manage to get a couple more books finished (I am closing it on the finish line for a couple of them).

Books Finished:

Books Marked as DNF
Best Bi Short Stories – Sheela Lambert (editor)

Books In Progress
Inn at Last Chance – Hope Ramsey
Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire – Molly Harper (audiobook)
Openly Straight – Bill Konigsberg
Conning for Keeps – Seleste deLaney
The Viking’s Captive Princess – Michelle Styles
The Rancher and the Rock Star – Lizbeth Selvig
When Books Went to War – Molly Guptill Manning

That was my Day 4, how was yours?


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2 responses to “Bout of Books 14 – Day 4 Update

  1. Lance

    August 21, 2015 at 11:26 pm

    While I didn’t sign up for this, it’s been a productive 24 hours. Finished and reviewed my book on Tommy Lasorda last night, more than halfway through a basketball book the author sent me last WINTER! (Yikes!) and have made it through disc 6 on an audio book on Ted Williams. But that last one will be awhile…29 discs! So many trips to and from work will be spent with Mr. Williams

    • Dee

      August 22, 2015 at 1:00 am

      you should check it out next time – they do it every few months…this is the first time i’ve really participated..

      whoo-hoo on the audio, but yikes! 29 discs – would have loved that on my long commute, now it would take me forever to listen


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