Bout of Books 14 – Day 1 Update

18 Aug
Bout of Books

So I’m actually sticking to my goal of reading (and trying to have fun) this week. My goal for this week is to a) finish up several of the MANY books I have in progress and to try and b) attempt to finish up the reading challenge that I do every quarter (I have about 10 books left to finish up and until the end of the month to complete it). As a bonus, several of the books that I am currently last night fulfilled my #ARCAugust reading goals as well as my Pillaging the Pile books (those books that have loitering on the TBR for several years)…

Books Finished:
None, but I read probably 200pgs of 4 different books on my TBR (as well as listening to 2hrs of my current in progress audio on the drive into work)

Books In Progress
The Wallflower – Dana Marie Bell
The Natty Professor – Tim Gunn
Best Bi Short Stories – Sheela Lambert (editor)
Inn at Last Chance – Hope Ramsey
Dangers of Dating a Rebound Vampire – Molly Harper (audiobook)
Openly Straight – Bill Konigsberg
Conning for Keeps – Seleste deLaney
The Viking’s Captive Princess – Michelle Styles

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