ARC August: Week 2 Update

16 Aug


I’m happy to say that week 2 of ARC August was much more productive than week 1 and I owe it (mostly) to the fact that I had a bunch of doctor’s appointments in the last week, while going through the process of the one year post-radioactive iodine therapy treatment whole body scan (wow, that’s a mouthful). But long story short, when you have appointments 4 out of the 5 days and often with a bit of wait time between lab work, shots, scans etc, it makes for some great reading time.

This week, I finished four of the original books that I identified in my introductory post – several of them were well-written, kept me entertained and continued reading; one of them made me want to gouge my eyes out slightly (but I’m weird and find it really hard to DNF books). I also finished listening to one audiobook that I had gotten for review, started a second one, and read another random ARC that I found stashed away in email (these are the hardest for me, because its not like they are on Netgalley or anything like that). I currently have 2 more of my original list in progress, as well as 2 bonus ones that I found and hope to finish them up this week. And I need to start writing some of the reviews for these books to get caught up (yikes!)

Week 2 Finished:
ARC August week 2

Week 3 Goals:
ARC August week 3 goals

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