Dishing with Dee….Things I never thought I would wear…

01 May

dishing with dee 2

You know how there are some things you just never see yourself wearing and then when you do, you are like well, lookey-here…well, I had one of those epiphany’s this morning. Don’t worry, I wasn’t wearing anything completely whacked – like a can can dress or a sombrero (but hey, you know, Cinco De Mayo is coming up)…just a simple cardigan/button-up sweater. I remember going shopping with my Grandmother about 10 years or so ago, during summer vacation from college (I mean, I was never one to turn down a chance to go shopping, especially when I knew that I would be spoiled rotten…) and while we were looking, she was trying to convince me that I needed to have some button-up sweaters in my wardrobe because they are simple, easy to wear…and look the typical time I was like uh-huh, yeah, no thanks (etc etc). But in the last year, I’ve come to appreciate this under-estimates item of clothing. I went from one job where we were allowed to wear sleeveless dresses in the office, to one where it was frowned up – but its not like I could afford to completely re-do my wardrobe…enter the button up sweater…with a simple flick of the wrist, my sleeveless dresses, get a cute update and I’m ready to go…and when I leave for the day, the sweater comes off and voila!

what about you – is there a daily item of clothing that you wear now, that in the past you would have scoffed at?

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