Dishing with Dee….Uh-oh…

20 Apr

dishing with dee 2

Short and sweet today 😉 All I can say is uh-oh…it was a gorgeous weekend in my neck of the woods – the first time the temp has been above 70 since like November last year. And I took my bike (my cycling one that is) out for a ride…and yes, I was a good girl and put sunscreen on…except for one tiny problem…I sweated it off during my ride. Today I am suffering from a bad case of lobster shoulders…You can see where exactly my bike jersey was (and where my bra strap decided it was going to sneak out)…and all I can say is holy shit it hurts! I’m dousing myself with aloe vera today and taking some ibuprofen and making sure that I am nice and hydrated. It probably also didn’t help matters that I totally didn’t have any coffee over the weekend, so I have a doozy of a lack of caffeine headache to go with the sore shoulders…

hope everyone else has a better day than me 🙂

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One response to “Dishing with Dee….Uh-oh…

  1. Lance

    April 20, 2015 at 7:12 pm

    Your lobster story confirms what I thought was the right decision for my weekend. I wanted to go to one of the two Mets games this weekend – but should I go Saturday night or Sunday afternoon? It was the same opponent so that did not matter – but chose Saturday night. One reason is that I couldn’t get baked while at a night game. Not only was it the right call – the Mets won the game! (But then they won on Sunday too!)

    Another plus – the long train ride to Citi Field (1 3/4 hours to Grand Central plus another 20 minutes on the Subway) gave me a chance to attack the TBR pile – and read the whole book I selected between the ride to the park and home. Will be posted tomorrow….


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