Dishing with Dee….Geoduck – how do you say that?

14 Apr

dishing with dee 2

geoducks are for lvoers Ok, I thought this one was just kind of funny and wanted to talk about it 😉 Today when I logged onto my Amazon account, one of the books that showed up in my recommendations was “Geoducks Are For Lovers” by Daisy Prescott. It was kind of funny because a friend of mine was just mentioning on Facebook how much she had enjoyed the Daisy Prescott book that she had just finished (yes, Jamie, I’m looking at you). So to see a book by her pop up in my recommendations – it must have been fate.

geoduck But talking about how do you say certain words with the first word in the title, Geoduck…now, if I wasn’t such a sucker for cooking shows on TV (I mean, hello, Gordon Ramsey, Michael Symon, Curtis Stone etc)…I would have been like geo-duck and wondered how you pronouced the word? Its actually says gooey-duck and its a clam that has very phallic visual impressions…(as seen here…) – so in general, the title geoduck (which I would actually like to try) is for lovers, just made me laugh – mostly from the double entre of what one actually is (I don’t know the author, but I have a feeling, it could have been on purpose)…I will say, thankfully, that the cover of the book is much more appealing that the clam itself…haha!

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