Dishing with Dee….for the love of audiobooks

31 Mar

dishing with dee 2

Its hard to remember a time when I didn’t listen to audiobooks – I think its probably been a good ten years now. I originally started listening to them when I had long drives to visit family in Michigan (driving from Virginia makes it about a 12-16 hour drive depending on where I was in the state at a given time). Mostly it was due to my fustration of trying to find a new/decent radio station to listen to every 100 miles or so, only to have said radio station fizzle out an hour or so later.

Fast forward to current day and between my daily commute into work (anywhere from 40min to 1.5 hours one way…thank you DC traffic), to working in an open workspace office (you know the kind where there are 10 people in each work segment with no real division between them), audiobooks are probably responsible for me still being sane (or as sane as you can be in a situation like this). I find they let me get lost in my world of data analysis and data inputing, as well as kinda of controlling my road rage (if you’ve ever driven in DC you know what I am talking about).

Listening to audiobooks has always pushing my reading/listening boundaries – I have discovered over the years that I am more willing to give a new author a try in the audiobook realm if its narrated by someone I have enjoyed in the past (people like Phil Gigante, Simon Vance, Xe Sands and my new favorite, RC Bray). Plus listening to audiobooks make me feel like I can enjoy my favorite hobby at all hours of the day and not just when I am at home and able to sneak in a page or two.

What about your guys – do you listen to audiobooks? If yes, do you have a favorite narrator or book? What would you recommend to a newbie?


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2 responses to “Dishing with Dee….for the love of audiobooks

  1. Lance

    April 1, 2015 at 1:31 am

    I have listened to audiobooks off and on but have listened to more the last 6 months since my promotion – which sent me to another hospital in our system resulting in nearly an hour commute. More variety than my reading as I listen to fiction and sports non-fiction. For the latter, I have found Scott Brick to be a great narrator. For my romance or suspense listens, I have had so many different narrators, both men and women, that I don’t have a favorite yet.

    • Dee

      April 1, 2015 at 11:22 am

      same here – I was an on and off listener until I started having my uber long commute – now I have no idea how I lasted so long without them – listening to radio for more than about 15 minutes, drives me nuts


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