In Memoriam – James ‘Jim’ Thompson (1964-2014)

04 Aug

james thompsonIt’s always a sad day when I have to write a post like this. This morning began like every other Monday, dragging myself out of bed, and getting ready to face the world, then I logged into facebook. The first thing I saw was a notification from Naomi Blackburn, a friend and fellow moderator of our Goodreads Nordic Noir group, with a link to an obituary written in Finnish about James death over the weekend.

It hit home for me, James was not only a genuinely good guy, but he would always talk to you about anything you wanted. It was like he had an insight into your world. A writer, born in Kentucky, but making Finland his home for the last decade, Jim was my first introduction to the genre, Nordic Noir when I randomly picked up his book at the library one day. My review of his book Snow Angels was also one of the first that I featured on my blog when I was launched over three years ago. Not only was Jim such a great guy, but, in a round about way, he introduced me to one of my favorite reading friends, Naomi Blackburn, when we both came across a review written about an ARC of one of his books that was chockful of spoilers. It was a match-made in reading heaven.

I’ll miss his books, I’ll miss his witty commentary in our group, on Facebook and on his twitter but most of all I’ll miss him. As bittersweet as it will be, I look forward to reading the final book in his Kari Vaara series. So everyone take some time today and raise a glass to Jim.

james thompson


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2 responses to “In Memoriam – James ‘Jim’ Thompson (1964-2014)

  1. Lisa A.

    August 12, 2014 at 2:42 pm

    I just heard about his death today. I’m also from Kentucky and married someone from a Nordic country (Sweden) and lived there for a while. I enjoyed his books and am very sorry to hear of his passing. Very talented writer!

    • Dee

      August 24, 2014 at 1:11 am

      very much


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