Seriously Saturday Series Catch-Up – Update

28 Jun

seriously saturday

So i’ll admit, I’ve been a complete slacker when it comes to doing updates for this challenge. I have been reading, but between work, school and triathlon training, my blog posts have really fallen off, so I apologize. But never fear, here is one of my updates – I’ve read enough of my books over the last few months that I’ll probably spread this out over several updates.

spider bonesSpider Bones – Kathy Reichs

I’ll admit that I was disappointed in this 13th installment in the Tempe Brennan series. While the mystery was decent (bones found believed to be a MIA from the Vietnam but are they really?), but i felt like the drama between the secondary characters took up too much time in the story and kind of started to overpower it. There were also moments where it felt like the author was trying to show the readers just how much she knew, rather than developing the mystery. It was kind of disappointing, since I normally enjoy this series. I did enjoying seeing the insights into the location out in Hawaii where a location of the unknown solider identification goes on, it is something that has intrigued me since I first read about various soldiers who died in wars being identified, it is a place that I would love to visit.

helsinki whiteHelsinki White – James Thompson

I’ve been putting off reading this book because a friend and reviewer that I trust gave it a bad review and then turned around and revised her review – so I was conflicted. Most of her comments revolved around how the character had done a total 180 in his character following the twist at the end of book 2. And now having read the book, I totally agree with her. I finished the book scratching my head and wondering what happened to the Kari Vaara that I had enjoyed in the previous books, in this one, he left a real dirty taste in my mouth – I guess it just goes to show that good and evil can be just a flip of a coin. But I was intrigued enough by how it ended to continue on with the series.

this side of the graveThis Side of the Grave – Jeaniene Frost

I know everyone seems to rave about this series, but I don’t know, for me, yeah, its mildly entertaining but I dunno – I guess I keep reading because I like the mindless entertainment that it gives me enough to be willing to sacrifice the time to read. And this installment was no different – in all honesty, I’m struggling to remember what happened in this book. I remember that it took place after Cat found out about all her cool new vampire powers, and that there were weird stuff going on with ghoul’s and vampires in New Orleans. Hmmm…yeah, I’m sure i’ll finish the series, but yeah…I know that sounds like kind of a downer, but when I really can’t remember all that much of the book, I guess it didn’t impress all that much

come home to meCome Home to Me – Brenda Novak

This was an ARC that I received from the author, but like my other books in this post, it seems like this one was also a disappointment. For me, it deviated too far from a traditional romance and there was too much going on, that it felt like the primary characters kind of took a backseat. Plus there were some actions by the secondary characters that almost made me throw the book across the room, in fact, I may have if I hadn’t been reading it on my kindle…but I persevered even though the book didn’t get a good review (although I wasn’t the only person who apparently felt that way…)

It really seems like all of the books in my series continuation challenge were downers, but they really weren’t, I did manage to read some I enjoyed…they were just few and far between…

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