Dewey Read-A-Thon Update #1 (0800-1100)

26 Apr


You know what they say about best laid plans right…they are going to never actually work out. So my plan for the morning had been get up at 4am and knock out my workout (2.5 bike ride and then a 3 mile run for the triathlon i’m training for). That would get me done around 7 am and give me time to relax a little before kicking off Dewey at 0800. Of course, when my alarm went off at 4am, I realized that the trail I was going to ride, isn’t open until sunrise (6:20), so what did I do…I rolled over and went back to sleep. So I didn’t start my ride until 7:20…

Fast forward to 11:00 for my first update and I’ve listened to….wait for it….a sum total of 15 minutes of the audiobook that I have in progress on my drive home.

Hopefully, this isn’t how the rest of the day is shaping up to be…but on that note, I’m going to throw some toaster pastries in the toaster, grab a quick shower to de-stink slightly and hit my next 3 hour block running (hopefully).

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