Review – I Know You’re There – Susan Allison-Dean

24 Dec

I know you're thereI Know You’re There
Author: Susan Allison-Dean

Review Copy Provided by Author

Jill Bradley is a 24-year-old nurse whose life is going great; she’s established herself in her new career, and she’s looking forward to getting engaged to her high school sweet heart. When life’s tide changes and she is bombarded by tragedy, loss, and betrayal all at once, she can no longer cope. In a moment of despair, she books a trip to a Caribbean island in an effort to escape her problems. She finds respite and romance, but her problems have also packed their own suitcase.

Helen Bradley is Jill’s mother. Like many mothers of her time, she has dedicated her life to her life to her family. Despite her best efforts, however, she hasn’t always been able to be the type of mother she wished she could be. She has a secret she was hoping would just go away, but it won’t. If she doesn’t share it with her daughter, Jill, it might bring Jill more harm.

I Know You’re There is a mother-daughter journey, celebrating the highs and delving in to the lows of family life. Can the power of love heal all things?

I think if I had read the description that was on goodreads or amazon rather than just the back of the book, I might have been less surprised by the story and possibly enjoyed it more. However, the description on the back of the book was limited to the accident that occurs in Jill’s life, and so I was expecting more reprecussions from that and to have more of a mystery draw out about it – rather than a women’s lit, coping with life, dealing with tragedy that I got. I was also coming off the high of another book that I really loved and so while, this one might have worked for me normally, it just couldn’t compare to previous reads.

The author did have a good writing style and I can’t really find anything word with it, stylistically…it was just that the story line didn’t work for me. Ultimately, in such a short novel (only about 240 pages), I thought that the author tried to cram too much into the story. It just felt like the storyline was superficial and lacked development. Overall I gave I Know You’re There 2 stars.

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