Review – The Obituarist – Patrick O’Duffy

02 Dec

the obituaristThe Obituarist
Author: Patrick O’Duffy

Book Description:
What happens to your Facebook account when you die?

Kendall Barber calls himself an obituarist – a social media undertaker who settles accounts for the dead. If you need your loved one’s Twitter account closed down or one last blog post to be made, he’ll take care of it, while also making sure that identity thieves can’t access forgotten personal data. It’s his way of making amends for his past, a path that has seen him return to the seedy city of Port Virtue after years in exile.

This is definately a book that I normally would not have picked up. However, I found the authors blog while I was looking at trackbacks on another article I was reading and was intrigued. In this day and age of social media, what is going to happen to our accounts when we die. When I write my will, do I need to provide account information for them to have access, or is it given. Even in something as simple as a divorce, and a dual account – who gets to keep the access and the “friends” and who has to start from scratch. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the next few years.

So started reading the Obituarist while I was waiting at the medical facility on Friday, since apparently technology had decided it didn’t want to work and it make the 60 minute wait fly-by (even if I did keep getting distracted with people wanting to chat). It is relatively short (Amazon clocks it in at 91 pages), but enjoyable. There were some plot points that I wish had been move developed, and a few places where I was left scratching my head thinking WTF. But I am intrigued enough to want to check out more by the author in the future. 3 stars overall.

Purchase from Amazon here: The Obituarist

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