GRL2012 – Day 0.5 – Albuquerque, New Mexico #GRL2012

18 Oct

So I’ve been doing a count-down to New Mexico since I registered for the conference back in March/April (I think). And its finally here!!!

I arrived in Albuquerque on Tuesday night – and wow – it is nice and warm (no more crappy DC weather for a few days!), although the elevation made me feel a bit funky for a little while (much better now though). I’m all checking in at the Hard Rock Cafe here – awesome hotel rooms – although, there are no refrigerators and coffee pots in the room (this could be dangerous…).

Myself and a few online friends spent yesterday in Santa Fe. There was a group of people who went via the train, but I decided to be sane and not get up at 6am on vacation, so we drove. Had a fun day seeing some of the old churches, went to the Georgina O’Keefe Museum (lots of pretty pictures) and then had this mouth watering, drool inspiring Beef Chimichunga for lunch with a cheese sauce (with lots of green chili’s) that I want to bottle and sell!!

Back to the hotel time and it was time to mingle with lots of the authors who are here. I was totally trying to not go all fan-girl on some of them – but I have no doubt that will happen before the weekend is over. Or sooner, if they keep providing me with Cake flavored Vodka (whoever came up with that needs to be Sainted!). Of course, there was also gambling involved last night at the blackjack tables – and the casino won as is the norm when I try…but hey, its all in fun right!

I took some pretty good pictures while we were in Santa Fe, that I will try to get up soon, but in the mean here…here is a picture of something the hotel put on the floor for us – awesome right?

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