Review: Knight of Pleasure

17 Apr

Knight of Pleasure
Knight of Pleasure by Simone Anderson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

GRL12 Author 1 (of 146) – Simone Anderson

I’d give this 3.5 stars rounding down to 3. When I was looking through books for the bingo category this week, I choose Simone Anderson because I had previously read a book of hers and enjoyed it, and I knew that she was attending GLR12, so I could double use the book for another challenge (yeah, I’m that much of a reading challenge dork).

I liked the pairing of Ethan and Dean and how their relationship developed. I think one of the better things about the book was how Dean who had never been in a BDSM relationship before didn’t just agree to be in one, like it seems to happen in so many other books – you could see his conflict in making his decision and his struggles between the Marine that he had been and the submissive that he was at heart. At the same time, I think Ethan tried to push him into the scenario too quickly and at times I thought he could actually damage their budding relationship rather than strengthen it

One of my only tiny pet peeves in general is the use of military terminology and inaccuracies – the Marine Corps symbol is the eagle, globe and anchor, not just the globe and anchor. A uniform hat is a cover, not a cap (this wasn’t in this book, but another one I read around the same time)

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