Review: Succubus Revealed

07 Sep

Succubus Revealed
Succubus Revealed by Richelle Mead
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book is bittersweet in so many ways. I realized as I finished listening to it on the commute home tonight, that there is no more Georgina and Seth. Over the course of the last five books, plus this one, i’ve come to enjoy them, and while I might have bitched and moaned in previous reviews about their behavior – there is something about them, that is so life like (well, as much as a succubus can be 😉 )

For most people who have been following the series, the conclusion probably came as no surprise and looking back through the previous books you can see hints that the author dropped to lead you to this final climax. But how we finally got there was the ride of a life-time. I don’t remember the last time when I physically sat in my car for almost fifteen minutes after getting to work, because I HAD to hear what happened next. There were times where I laughed and many more where I nearly cried.

One thing that really drew me to this installment in the series was the development of the secondary characters. Sure, G&S were there in all their glory, but it was the smaller people who have appeared in all the other books and it was finally in this one that I came to know them more like people and less like characters on a page: the Mortensen girls (Morgan and Makenna especially); Peter and Cody; Hugh (the imp that he is) and the new characters that were introduced – Seth’s mom and brother (although I definately had a few WTF moments with Ian at times).

I’ll look back on these books in the future (and who knows, maybe even fit in a re-listen) and hope that Ms. Mead will eventually take up back to the world of Georgina and Seth, be it Seattle, or wherever they might. Even just a visit would be nice. I want to know what happened to Roman (if we ever will) and find more out about Carter – maybe the next person he is there to save will be the basis of another series (pretty please). All I can say is that Ms. Mead is definately going on my auto buy list in the future (at least for her adult titles – YA i’m not so sure about yet). Luckily, I still have her Dark Swan series to check out.

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