Review: Beautiful Disaster

27 Jun

Beautiful DisasterBeautiful Disaster by Laura Spinella
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As a reader, I love books that leave me thinking about the characters, the plot and why I felt the way I did at the end of the book. Ever since finishing Beautiful Disaster, it has remained in my thoughts as I have discussed various different points of views with other readers and even debated why we felt different ways about the various characters. Thought-out the entire book my feelings about the various characters changed from dislike to hatred, to liking, it just depending on what was going on. Overall, I can’t remember the last time that I disliked a group of characters as much as I did in various parts of this novel. Yet, I loved the plot and felt that the actions of the characters were suiting to the plot and they were consistent. There was no, at least to me, any character deviations from what I would have expected based on the way that they were introduced.

For me the book raised several questions about the nature of love. Is it possible to love people in different ways and which path should you take in order to be happy? That to me is the main question that Mia faced when Flynn came back into her life. Should she follow the love of her life that she hasn’t seen in over a decade or the guy she has attempted to make a life with? While I don’t agree with everything that Mia did throughout the book, in the end, I feel that she was true to her heart and the decision she made was the right one to me. But then, I am a true romantic at heart and always want the HEA ending, and anything else to me wouldn’t have been one.

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