Review: Catching an Evil Tail

07 Apr

Catching an Evil Tail (The Soul Catcher, #2)Catching an Evil Tail by Mary Abshire
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

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A soul-sucking half-demon was recruited to help a werewolf alpha deal with a serial killer, but will she be successful?

Jessie Garrett hides her ability to suck the souls of individuals she kills from her friends. Her vampire boyfriend, Drake, has gone overseas to deal with his ruling council, and her demon hockey player and sometimes former lover Jeremy has shared her secret with a pack of werewolves, who have requested her help to deal with a serial killer werewolf. What is a girl to do?

When I first requested this book, I didn’t realize that it was a second in a series and by the time I realized that, I had already started reading it. It’s always a tricky balance for an author to play, how much from a previous book should be discussed in new ones? Should there be a recap of former events, or just let the actions of the characters speak for themselves? Personally, while reading CATCHING AN EVIL TAIL, I felt a bit lost for the first third of the book and at one time, I even debated giving up and not finishing it. However, I stuck it out and around halfway through, it started improving and the story really came together.

One of the things that I always pay attention to when reading is the development of the characters and do I connect with them. Now, I know I can’t exactly connect with a half-demon (although some of the guys I work with might debate that point on occasion), but with their personality. Do I sympathize with them when stuff goes wrong? Laugh with them at jokes? Etc.

I loved the character of Jeremy, he was such as badass and yet, you felt, or at least I did, that he really did like Jessie (or was doing more than just trying to get into her bed). Jessie was a difficult character to like, but towards the end, I enjoyed her sass and it felt like she came into her own (around the time that she met up with the werewolves). By the end of the book, Jessie was a kick-ass, no-holds barred heroine who didn’t take flak from anyone, even after being attacked on multiple occasions.

The dialogue that occurred between her and Jeremy at times made me chuckle out loud – one scene that I enjoyed was Jessie getting herself drunk at the hotel one night. Jeremy to Jessie (after finding her drunk): "How did you get the bottles?" Jessie back to Jeremy: "I showed him my ass, and he sold them to me." And while Jeremy is trying to put her to bed after the drinking episode (Jessie to Jeremy): "Don’t think you’re sleeping with me. Hell will freeze over before I invite you into my bed." While I don’t remember having word for word conversations like that, I remember having experienced roommates being drunk and some of the words that come out of their mouths were similar and as equally entertaining.

However, there was a veritable cacophony of paranormal creatures making their appearance throughout the book, including but not limited to Jessie (the main character and a half-demon); her boyfriend Drake, a Vampire; Jeremy, a full-blooded demon, ice hockey player and sometimes ex-lover, and the werewolf pack that she agrees to help. On top of that, there are two witches who live in the same complex, and her and her best friend, Dani (they didn’t play a significant role in this novel, but it felt like the author was setting them up for later books); a new warlock at her place of work and her group of friends who are involved in ghost hunting. At times, it felt like the author had just gone through a dictionary of paranormal beings and decided to randomly add another one in. It will be interesting for me to go back and read the first book in the series and see if that helps me to understand any of the characters a bit more, because at times, it felt as though they were not fully fleshed out and were lacking a bit in description.

I would give the book 3 stars, in that it was an entertaining read, but it wasn’t mind-blowing. However, I am going to seek out the previous book in the series and see if that changes my opinion of the overall world building in the series.

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