Review: Drawing in the Dust

06 Apr

Drawing in the DustDrawing in the Dust by Zoe Klein
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have to admit, normally, books that involve religion or religious topics make me go running for the hills. Yet, the overall premise of this one was interesting, more so because of the archeology aspect than the religious aspect. Page Brookstone is a biblical archeologist, and has spent a good portion of her career conducting digs in Israel searching for biblical artifacts. She is approached by a couple who claim that their house is haunted and would like an archeologist to check it out, to her miraculous shock she makes a discovery that could change how the world perceives the events in the bible.

Page was an interesting character. She had some serious issues with the way that she acted at times, mostly because it was behavior you would expect from a teenager and not a woman in her 40’s, but at the same time, she was consistant throughout with her recklessness towards her pursuit of finding the truth. The secondary characters, Ibrahim and his wife (the Palestinian couple who approached her about doing the dig), her best friend, Jordanna (an ancient texts translator) and others contributed to the colorful and intriguing nature of the book.

I’ll definately be looking forward to more books by Rabbi Klein in the future.

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