Review: Devil’s Pact

01 Jan

Devil's PactDevil’s Pact by Samantha Cruise
My rating: 1 of 5 stars

I don’t even know where to begin when describing what was wrong with this book…to start off, it could easily have been at least 100 pages short, if an editor had looked at it and I say that because it rambled, it was disjointed and it was like the author was aiming for a word count and didn’t really care how she got there…it was like a bad porno movie gone wrong…

the heroine (if you can call her that) is Megan a 4’11" 22 year old (or in that general age vicinity)…now i’m 5’3" (and readily admit i’m short), so I know exactly how tall she is supposed to be and Devin, one of the heros, is described as being 6’8" (ish)…that height difference about blows my mind…i can’t even imagine it…that’s nearly a 2 ft difference in their sized…it just don’t work…

honestly, if I could have given this book negative stars I probably would have…I DNF’d it the first time I started to read it, and the only reason I finished it this time was because I had it slotted into about 4 different challenges…I know for sure, i won’t be seeking this author out in the future…

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