Case Histories – Kate Atkinson

06 Jul

Title: Case Histories
Author: Kate Atkinson
Series: Jackson Brodie Book 1
Genre: Literature and Fiction
Date Read: 5 July 2010

It is rare that a book takes me longer than a week to read unless it is one that is 750+ pages because I know that I read fast. Yet, while reading Case Histories by Kate Atkinson, I struggled with it. When all was said and done, it took me nearly three weeks to finish the book and yet I never gave up on it and I’m not sure why. It was well-written, but the presentation was a bit confusing. Essentially, the novel focuses on a PI who is working three cold cases. Each chapter is a different case, plus his perspective mixed in, but each of the cases are told through the eyes of a person involved, be it one of the sisters, the father, or other connected character. There was also a significant discrepancy at least to me in the time devoted to the cases…the one took up probably a close to a third of the book and have long chapters whereas the other only had a few pages mixed in here and there.

All three of the cases were solved in the end and I was unable to identify who had committed the various crimes and yet, it wasn’t an ah-ha moment for me when they were identified, but rather more ho-hum, ok, case solved. The book was one of the initial ones I bought for my kindle back in 2009 when I was gone and it has sat for that long…maybe I should have let it sit longer.

Recommended For: I honestly don’t know who I could safety recommend this book to as of right now

Rating: 2 stars

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