Dewey’s 24hr Read-A-Thon – Hours 9-10

dewey2-2015Hours 9-10

After my unanticipated 4 hour (or nearly 4hr) nap this afternoon, I looked forward to jumping back into my reading for the last 2 hours and I managed to knock another book off Mt TBR. One of my goals for the last three months of the year is to try and get caught up on some of the different series that I’ve been reading – there are a few that I read as soon as new books are released and others that tend to get put on the backburner. Maya Banks – Sweet series is one of those backburner series – but several of the books in the series fit into some different reading challenges – so its been a good reason to try and get caught up.

sweet-possessionI also took a brief break about 30minutes or so ago, to watch my friend Rachel cross the finish line at IM North Carolina! Its been a rough week for her because after training for 6 months, they annouced that the course was going to be shortened and changed; but like a trooper she stuck in. She finished the official course around 5:30 (and was all smiles as she hit the finisher’s chute for the run. But being the over-achiever that she is, she is going to go and jump on her bike trainer and ride the other 56 miles of the bike course that got shortened (yeah, she’s nuts!) – but I figured seeing her do this was a good reason to take a break!

Coming up:
Its dinner time in my house (for both myself and the dogs)…I’m nuking leftover pizza from last night (yummy) and looking forward to settling back down for a couple more hours with some more reading!


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Dewey’s 24hr Read-A-thon – Hours 5-8

dewey2-2015Hours 4-8
So the last four hours definitely weren’t the most productive…I got home from running errands, listened to my audiobook for a little bit more and went to curl up in bed to read and….promptly fell asleep…

I remember thinking it was 1:10 and I’ll take a 20min nap…so I set the alarm…then when the alarm went off, I thought I snoozed it but rather turned it off and kept sleeping, waking up just now…sooo yeah…there is something to be said for curling up with the pups on the bed (even if my big white goofy one did try to steal the Cheetos that I was snacking on).

I did manage to read a little bit in those 4 hours (I think maybe about 100page between 2 books), but not enough to really report on (so make sure to check out my Hour 9-10 blog post for more updates)

Coming Up:
I’m going to continue to work on the 2 books I was reading when I fell asleep – a fiction book set in Afghanistan and an erotic romance (two totally different types of books to be sure!)

here’s hoping the next couple of hours are more productive😉

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Dewey’s 24hr Read-A-Thon – Hours 3-4

dewey2-2015Hours 3 and 4

So at noon today, we are 4 hours or 1/6 of the way through the read-a-thon – in the last two hours – I’ve been focusing more on my audiobook listening, so that I could run some errands and stuff like that. So far i’ve listened to 105 minutes of Lothaire – and I have 7hrs 25min to go (so the likelihood of finishing is fairly slim, but you never know).

why-you-say-itI did read a chapter of Why You Say That? – Webb Garrison – non-fiction/etomology – this is one of those books that I can just use chapters here and there to fill in minutes during the day – its like reading the dictionary, but instead of word definitions, its more focused on what different works/sayings we use mean and how they came to be. Its interesting, but not a book that I can read in large segments.

Coming Up:
I just finished running my errands and being (in general) a responsible adult…the two dogs are currently outside playing (otherwise, we play let’s jump on mom while she is trying to read…) and I’m looking forward to settle down with the next book on my pile – A House Without Windows (Nadia Hashimi) – but in the little bit i’ve read so far, its a pretty deep(ish) type book, so i’m probably going to alternate with something else on my kindle

What about you?

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Dewey’s 24hr Read-A-Thon – Hours 1-2

dewey2-2015Hours 1 and 2
So my plan for kicking off this read-a-thon was simple…my local start time was 8am on a Saturday morning and since it’s no longer triathlon training season and I only have Marine Corps Marathon lurking on the horizon, I could sleep in. I set my alarm for 7:55 (about 5 min) before the kick-off – just enough time to let me get up, let the dog’s out, gather the first hour supplies and crawl back into my nice warm bed.

all-about-seductionFunnily enough in my intro post I listed a bunch of the books I had in progress, and yet the first book that I picked up to read at 8am, wasn’t any of those books. It was a book that I had read a chapter or so of last night before I fell asleep and since it was in my comfort genre (historical romance) – I figured that it was a good way to kick off this read-a-thon. It was a quick read (even though it was 370-ish) pages because the author (Katy Madison – new to me) had a way of writing that just sucked me in.

I took a couple of breaks during those first two hours – to tweet a bit; catch up on Goodreads and prep this blog – but i’m continuing my “reading” with listening to my current audiobook (Lothaire – Kresley Cole, narrated by Robert Petkoff).

The next couple of hours
Unfortunately, real life is going to get in the way for the next couple of hours…I have some errands to run, and need to go out and get life’s nectar (also known as coffee)…but I have both my audiobook and the kindle app on my cell phone, so I can keep reading even while i’m out and about

How about you – how are you doing so far?

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Dewey’s 24-hr Readathon – Opening Post


Are you ready to rumble? Or maybe, curling up with a good book(s) and read for a solid 24 hours (or at least attempt to read for 24 hours!)

I first found out about Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-thon a couple of years ago, but unfortunately, it never seems to work with my schedule (although I try to be a cheerleader when possible) – so I’m excited to take a stab at actually reading this time🙂 (ok, well, maybe I lied – I think I tried it in either 2013 or 2014 but only made it to about 16 hours before I passed out…).

All this week, I’ve been reading the various warm-up posts on the websites, where veteran read-a-thon’ers (is that an actual word) provide advice on how to tackle this 24 hour period – with advice on how to pick what books to read? what to do if real world gets in the way? or if you just need a break? so i’m curious to see which of these various tactics (if any), I opt to use.

But to kick it of, I figure I’m going to try and finish up one (or more) of the many books that I have in progress…

Destiny – Alex Archer – mystery/adventure/urban fantasy
The Sweetness of Honey – Alison Kent – romance/women’s lit
Malicious Intent – Kathryn Fox – mystery/crime
Why You Say That? – Webb Garrison – non-fiction/etomology
A House Without Windows – Nadia Hashimi – literary fiction/afghanistan/legal fiction

While I have my stack of books, I know that I’m going to have to venture out of the house occasionally…but that’s ok, because I have my trusty Apple iTouch with audiobooks on it.

So in audio, I’m working on Lothaire which is the 12th book in Kresley Cole’s Immortal’s after Dark series and narrated by the fabulous Robert Petkoff (and since I have like 8 hours to go, I likely won’t finish it up during the read-a-thon…).

So let’s get this show on the road!!

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It’s Monday – What Are You Reading? (17 Oct)


It’s Monday – What are you reading? is a place to meet up and share what you have been, are and about to be reading over the week. It’s a great post to organise yourself. It’s an opportunity to visit and comment, and er… add to that ever growing TBR pile! So welcome in everyone. This meme started with J Kaye’s Blog and then was taken up by Sheila from Book Journey. Sheila then passed it on to Kathryn at the Book Date.

Blink and you miss it, because in case you didn’t know, we’re now half-way through October…and as someone posted recently on facebook (in true Will Ferrell in Elf style), it’ll be Christmas in 10 weeks…yikes! This week marks a new milestone for me – I’m starting a new job after being on military orders for the last year (as a weekend warrior, I had the option of taking various forms of military orders and had a great year doing that) but its time to go back to the real world (oh and I forgot the joy of having to figure out what I’m going to wear and now having a uniform to default too…

I’m slowly but surely plugging away on my yearly reading challenge (hosted by Goodreads) – I got a bit behind when I had a reading slump a few months ago, but i’m chipping away a book at time (and trying to not fall into the tendency to read a bunch of shorties to make up the difference). My reading goals right now are simple – try to knock down the amount of books on my currently reading list (I think at one stage it was at 20+…books that I had started and gotten distracted reading and just never removed); and try to read the various books that i’ve borrowed via Kindle Unlimited that have been sitting for a while unread.

Currently Reading:

I have my typical multiple books going at once – what can I say? I’m looking forward to starting Surfacing, which is a memoir by Siri Lindley – who the triathlon for many of world’s top athletes including Mirinda Carfare (i totally have a girl crush on Rinny). I dug into my Kindle archives with Texas Hold Him (Lisa Cooke) which I bought back in 2009. The other 4 books are from my Kindle Unlimited subscription – 2 are series that I found and continuing (the Trudi Jay Magic Carnival series and Alison Kent’s Hope Springs series) and then 2 first in series (although I’m kind of cheating because I read book 2 by Crystal Bowling already).

Currently Listening:

On the currently listening pile, I am almost done with the first book in the Department Q series (The Keeper of Lost Causes) – the reveal of who the key suspect is has just occurred and I have about 3 hours left. I’m alternating The Keeper of Lost Causes with Lothaire (Kresley Cole) – although my ipod touch decided to hate me and I lost where I was in the book when I had to reset the app…but it should be fairly easy to figure out again. I’m also listening to The September Society by Charles Finch (which is kind of confusing because the main character is Charles Lenox…)

Anyways that is my meandering What Am I reading this middle week of October…

What about you – what are you reading?

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Review – Ashley’s War – Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

ashleys-warAshley’s War
Author: Gayle Tzemach Lemmon
Rating: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ½

In 2010, the U.S. Army Special Operations Command created Cultural Support Teams, a pilot program to put women on the battlefield alongside Green Berets and Army Rangers on sensitive missions in Afghanistan. The idea was that women could access places and people that had remained out of reach, and could build relationships—woman to woman—in ways that male soldiers in a conservative, traditional country could not. Though officially banned from combat, female soldiers could be “attached” to different teams, and for the first time, women throughout the Army heard the call to try out for this special ops program.

Over the last few months, there has been a lot of discussion about the opening of combat roles in the military to women. Discussions about should women be allowed in these traditional male roles? can they carry the same weight? various services have conducted different studies to see how women perform in these training pipelines – but few people know that women have been in combat roles for several years – serving alongside men in the special operations, including Army Delta forces. In fact, while I had heard of these women in passing, I knew next to nothing about these ground breaking women, so when I came across Ashley’s War in the library, it seemed like a good choice for something to read.

ashleyAt its heart, Ashley’s War is a fairly simple read, but the depth of emotion held within resulted in me crying and nearly crying several times throughout. Its a story of sisterhood; or pushing yourself beyond what you believe capable; or providing evidence that women do have a place in direct combat roles. What started out as a “social experiment” as many anti-women in combat folks like to say, soon emerged as a way for the US to tackle the empty cavern that was the female half of population in the villages, soldier’s often ended up in their pursuit of Taliban. The women of the Combat Support Teams (or CST’s) aided in identifying members of Taliban hiding in the general population because they were able to talk to female members of the population, who previously were not included in interrogations. There wasn’t anything special about these women – they were daughters, wives, and sisters; Academy graduates and ROTC, regular Army and National Guard – but each of them were special in their own way. Each of them were trail blazers for the women in the military today and the into the future.

memorial1-jpegBy the end of the book I was a blubbering mess – even though going into it, I knew what was going to happen to the title solider (thank you huge spoilers in the description!). But reading how she died and how the unit that she was supporting did their best to save her and the others that were injured in the IED detonation; the reading of the recollections of the other members of the CST who had trained with Ashley when they realized she had been killed…I think I’m almost glad that I was reading this book and not listening to the audiobook like I had originally intended.

This book is a must read for anyone who wants to learn about what our Combat Support Teams did in Afghanistan; and anyone who wants to see what the role of women in combat can truly be.

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