Seriously Saturday Series Catch-Up – February

01 Mar

seriously saturday

I had every intention of really digging in in February, that whole hit the ground running type routine…but like always, that totally didn’t happen. Its not that I didn’t want to read any of the books in the series that I had picked, but that I was trying to finish up another challenge and none of my series books seemed to fit into it. But that being said, I’m managed to slot in multiple books into my new challenge that starts today (March 1). But back to a review of the books I did read.

wild thingsWild Things – Chloe Neill
This is the 9th book in Ms Neill’s Chicagoland Vampires series – I really enjoyed the series when it started, but the last few books have been very so-so, but they weren’t quite to the stage where I would consider giving it up. Anyways, I was kind of wavering on the to-buy, not to buy when I noticed that my library had it ordered, so I reserved it before there was even a copy in stock, so I literally got it fresh off the press (have I mentioned how much I love my library recently). For me, Wild Things was much more in line with the earlier books in the series. It was more focused on the mystery/suspense, than the romance between Merit/Ethan (or Methan in fandom) – and was definately less angst filled than the last few. After reading Wild Things, I hope Ms Neill stays on the track she is on with the storyline, because it is highly intriguing.

seduction of elliot mcbrideThe Seduction of Elliot McBride – Jennifer Ashley
This is another series that has been very hit and miss for me – I really liked the 3rd and 4th books, the earlier ones were ok (although a lot of people raved about the first one – I will say that I enjoyed it more in audiobook than print). This was really only tangentially connected to the original characters – the main male – Elliot – is the brother of one of the wives of one of the original pairings…so a bit convoluted. While I like the unrequited love theme, this just felt too empty to me – it was too quick and I never got a good vibe on their relationship. I did enjoy the mystery aspect, but the romance was only so-so and since it was a romance novel, I wish it had played a more significant role. Hopefully, the next book will be more in line with the more enjoyable books in the series.

Of the 29 books I have planned, I have finished 2, so 27 remain – now on to March – check back April 5th for my next update. And make sure to swing by Cassi’s blog, to check her update.

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