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Giveaway – the Publicist – Christina George

Audiobook The PublicistThe Publicist
Author: Christina George


Welcome to the world of publishing. The ego has landed.

Can one woman change an age-old institution like publishing? Probably not, but Kate Mitchell sure wants to try. As a publicist with a large, respected New York publishing house, Kate finds herself at the mercy of a broken publishing system, books that don’t sell, and author egos that are often, well, as big as the island of Manhattan.

Enter the star Editor, MacDermott Ellis: Tall, handsome, charismatic, married, and ready to save the day. Then there’s Allan Lavigne, once a revered author–now as forgotten as last year’s bestsellers and his nephew Nick: Tall, gorgeous, sweet, single and ready to sweep Kate off her feet. Kate wants to do the right thing but her hormones seem to be driving her decisions.

As Kate tries to navigate the landmine of publicity, over-the-top author expectations, and the careful dance of “I’m sorry, your book isn’t on the bestseller list this week,” she also finds authors who are painfully overlooked by a publisher wanting more sex, more celebrities, and more scandal.

The story only an insider could tell.

Follow the link below to be entered into a Rafflecopter giveaway associated with Christina George’s audiobook version of The Publicist!

Prizes include: $100 Spa Gift Basket (US Only) or $100 Amazon/Audible Giftcard (international). Multiple chances to win

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Happy 201st Blog Post

When I launched my blog back in July of 2010 (the 5th to be exact), I never dreamed that I would a) stick with it long enough to make 200 posts, or b) have enough books that I felt needed reviews to be posted (because I honestly don’t review half of the stuff that I read)…

But here, I am, so happy 201st Blog Post day – I actually planned on doing one for my 200th post, but that just seemed to expected whereas a 201st, not so much (yes, I am that much of a dork!).

Now for the random blog facts (since I know you guys love them!)
5487 total views (and thanks for all you guys who keep coming back for bumping up my numbers!)
122 views on my busiest day (who would have thunk that a blog giving away prizes would have been the most popular…)

Top countries that have had viewers to my blog:
United States (well, duh, I live here)
Australia (Thanks Mom!)
Philippines (ok, that was an interesting one…)

Random Countries that popped up:
Iceland (thanks James!)

Most Popular Post:
Summer Blog Giveaway – Aug 1 (ironically, my most popular blog day…)

Most Popular Review:
The Ponds of Kalambyi from 28 October, 2011.

Most Popular Tag Used:
Audiobook (well, I am a self-admitted junkie), followed by 3.5 stars (guess I am also a picky reviewer ;) )

But of course, no blogaversary would be complete without gifts ;) So for all you guys out there, I’m offering up a $20 Amazon giftcard to a lucky commenter. All you have to do is comment and let me know which of my reviews, or other blog posts, you found the most interesting. Entries will close on November 30th.


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Winner of the Summer Giveaway Blog Hop

2nd Annual Summer Giveaway Hop

Hosted by Kathy from I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and Mary from Bookhounds and Forever Young (Adult)

Congrats to Jenese from Reader’s Confession, who won the giveaway on my blog. My coworker chose a random number out of the hat and comment 5 was the lucky one.

She has won an audiobook of her choice, up to a value of $40 from either Audible, Tantor, or Brilliance Audio. And since she is a newbie – ohh the possibilities!!

For my audiobook listeners out there – what would be the first book you would recommend that Jenese try?

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Summer Giveaway Blog Hop

2nd Annual Summer Giveaway Hop

Hosted by Kathy from I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and Mary from Bookhounds and Forever Young (Adult)

I can’t believe that the end of Summer is rapidly approaching, although, after surviving without AC for 3 weeks while DC was hit with a heat wave wasn’t fun. It was even too hot to read at one point – my brain felt like it was going to turn into much. But, moving on, let’s celebrate with a giveaway.

Being as it was so hot here the last few weeks and I didn’t want to read, I found that audiobooks were a great way to stay engaged without mush-ifying my brain too much (and i’m declaring mush-ifying a word…). So my giveaway has to do with audiobooks

Comment below to win by answering this question…Have you ever listened to an audiobook? And if yes, which one was your favorite and why? (I’m always looking for new recommendations).

The giveaway is open to everyone (US and International). The winner of the giveaway can choose any audiobook of their choice (up to $40 value) from Audible (Account Required – Geographic Restrictions may apply); Tantor Audio or Brilliance Audio

Click Here to see what other blogs are participating for a chance to win other goodies


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